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The Recruiting Gym was created to transform the industry by training recruiters across the globe to achieve the success they desire, whilst developing a sustainable and thriving career.

How It Works

The Recruiting Gym is where recruiters and recruiting leaders can access coaching, consultancy, on-demand online learning and face to face classroom sessions aligned to their development needs and schedule of their busy jobs. 

We provide structured training, ongoing professional development,  peertopeer support, and on demand access to industry leading coaches.

The recruitment industry is failing recruiters. New entrants join, they are swept into the industry’s churn and often leave because they’ve not mastered the intricate balance required between themselves, their candidate, their client and their line manager. Recruiters either leave disheartened or disgruntled, or they continue the cycle of providing average service and perpetuating a stigma that the recruitment industry does not provide value. But we want to change this.

Alex Moyle

Founder & Coach

What makes us different?

The Recruiting Gym is the only recruitment training provider that combines a hybrid of online resources and training, virtual classroom and in-person learning opportunities – at the point of need and on demand.


We believe that to succeed you need more than ideas. Our Recruiting Gym community helps you turn those ideas into action.


We focus on WHY the activities we promote will help you succeed as much as HOW to perform the activities we teach.

Documents & Downloads

Our online training includes additional videos, quizzes and documents to be downloaded and utilised in your business.


Many of our coaches are still actively recruiting or running recruitment businesses, which is how we keep our training content and advice current. 

Bitesized Learning

Training should be a marathon not a sprint. Our little and often approach is supported by bitesized chunks no longer than half an hour.

ICE Learning

Ideas, conversations and exercises. Our ICE approach to learning gives you the guidance and support you need to start thinking differently. 

How our training works

We offer a number of different learning paths, from structured to unstructured, bespoke training for teams to 1 to 1 coaching, as well as cater to a whole range of experience levels.


360 Daily Workout

Knowledge & Research library
Self-serve courses
Learning Lives with coaches
Online Q&A with coaches

Self-serve Courses
Individual courses from an online library


Online Facilitated Courses

Structured learning plan
Weekly challenges and webinars
Online Q&A with coaches

Online facilitated courses
Structured learning plan library


Onsite Training

Courses to specific needs

1-2-1 Coaching
Develop key areas capability

Leadership Advisory
Develop, implement and exexute strategic change

Who are you looking to train?

We help get new consultants up to productivity quickly, by giving them the skills and confidence they need to exceed their targets.

We help you with strategies to increase inbound leads, improve your personal brand, and sell higher level solutions such as retainers.  

We support Billling Managers by providing tools, techniques and approaches to help them get the most from their teams whilst maintaining personal billings

We support Solopreneur CEOs with goal setting, learning and development, sales operation and ongoing support.

We help Leaders looking to accelerate growth through increasing productivity of existing staff whilst building scalability.

We help start-ups avoid the pitfalls from others that have come before them!

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