X = X-Ray – Neil Owen

In this video from Neil Owen, Managing Partner of Frazer John Recruitment.   Neil talks about how a Recruiters X-Ray skills will be Recruiting predicting hot market segments in 2019

Neil said, – “So, in the A to Z of recruiting success for 2019, I’ve got the letter X. Brilliant, nice one!

But we’re okay. X is for x-ray vision.

I appreciate none of us is Superman or Superwoman, so you probably don’t have that. But by that what I mean is let’s have a little bit of a look into what’s going on outside of the database in front of you, right?

So what skillsets are going to be in demand?

What industries are growth industries?

Where should you spend your time generating in-demand candidates and looking for vacancies with companies that are growing?

It’s not just about the in-demand skillsets and necessarily the industries, but also where is that company on its growth phase?

If it’s too large it’s probably got some type of organized internal recruitment function.

If it’s on a scale up, there could be direct recruiters in there. I

f it’s too small maybe they’re not ready to pay recruitment fees.

So, it’s trying to find companies that are in that sort of hyper-growth phase where they want to partner with recruiters.

Invest in the relationship and you can get good fees and vacancies that companies want to use recruiters for.

So, there you go, X is for x-ray vision. Good luck with 2019.”

But how can you use Neil’s video to help you individually or engage your team in delivering improving their ability to predict the market?

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • If you know your niche you can predict
    • Industries that are growing
    • Skills that will be in demand
  • When you can predict growth industries or skills that will be in demand, you can succeed by being one step ahead of your competition.


  • What do we gain from predicting what industries are growing or skills that are increasingly in demand?
  • How do we balance the skills needed today and the skills that will be in demand in 3/6/9 months?
  • How do we currently organise our industry or skill set predictions?


  • What industry sectors are growing in our market?
    • Who are the major players in that market?
    • Who are the first who are growing fast in that market?
    • What can we do to be better connected to those companies?
  • What skills do we think will be more in demand in the next 6 months?
    • Why do we think this skill set will be in more demand?
    • Which companies do we already know using this skill sets (this is where the candidates we need in 6 months come from)
    • What can we do to pipeline talent in these areas in the next 3 months?
    • How will we organise this pipeline and how do we nuture it?


There will always be skill sets that your clients need day in day out.   However, the more frequently it is in demand the more likely that the candidates will be available to your competitors or internal recruiters.  The best way to beat your competition or internal teams is to have part of your sourcing effort focused on pipelining talent that you know is going to be in short supply.    Do when there is a need you are one step ahead of your competition.

There is a challenge though……. Often the skills in demand in 6 months are different from candidates you are looking for today.    This means that sourcing and tracking candidates for the future are extra tasks over an above your day job which you have to find time for.

Yet a simple solution to this challenge is to put proactive sourcing in the “business development” bucket of activities.    Meaning that it is an activity that will not yield you an activity today but will help you succeed in the months and quarters ahead.

So what skill set do you predict that will be in demand and what are you doing to do about it?

Happy X-Raying…

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