Q – Quantitative Data – Ashley Rice

In this video, Performance Coach Ashley Rice explains how ‘data’ can aid your recruiting success.

Ashley said, – “I want to talk to you briefly this morning about data. Now before you switch off, or before you say, well actually, data doesn’t begin with a Q, the two types of data that I want to talk about are quantitative data and qualitative data.

Now, I think there are a good few recruitment businesses out there that are missing a trick or two in terms of actually how they use data to drive growth. Assuming that every business wants to grow in 2019, then you have to do something differently.

Some businesses are looking at purely driving the quantity of what they’re doing. And other businesses are much more focused on quality. Now, in reality, it’s not a binary decision. It’s about doing things that fit better and doing things a bit more. Those things are going to create the incremental, the marginal gains that you need to be a more productive business next year.

But, how do you make those decisions? What do you base those decisions on? And that’s where the data really comes in handy.

Do you have an understanding of what it takes, what target conditions that you need to create in order to be able to hit your fee targets for 2019?

Do you understand what the data is telling you in terms of the quality of what you’re doing and where you can make tweaks in order to be more effective and more productive.

So, is 2019 going to be a year where you hit your target by default, or is it going be a year where you hit your target by design?”

But how can you use Ashley’s video to help you engage your team in using data to improve their performance?  

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • Sales growth is not just about doing more.
  • Using Quantitative data managers can measure key metrics that determine how well they are doing. These are things such as activity volume or input/output ratios
  • Over-reliance on qualitative data (information that cannot really be measured) can lead to recruiters having a false sense of security.


  • What are the best quantitative measures that determine whether a recruiter is likely to be successful?
    • Volume Measures
    • Effectiveness Measures
  • Which one measure is most important to measure
    • Your business development activity
    • Your Sourcing activity?
    • Candidate satisfaction?


  • Watch the video below and calculate the volume of activity and quality of activity you need to hit your target.


Having areas of activity or activity effectiveness that you measure is key to your success.  In good times these measures help you reach the next level of performance.  In hard times they give you something tangible to focus on that will turn around your performance.

Whilst there will always be a debate on what are the best or worst measures to use.  The important thing is that they are relevant to you and proved to directly correlate to financial success.   Last, remember that when you start measuring things, it is not where you start that is important, but how you incrementally improve month in month out.

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