H – Hero Content – Tracey Barrett

In this video, Tracey Barrett from BlueSky PR explains why Hero content is key to recruitment success in 2019  

Tracey said, “ H for me is the hero content. So, what’s hero content?

It’s content that can create an epic brand journey, and also deliver real, tangible leads.  Let’s have a think about how you could do that.  You might run an event with your clients and candidates, you might have conducted a survey, you might have interviewed some of your clients and candidates on a hot talent topic.  Why not turn some of those outputs into a white paper, or a report, a piece of hero content, that can then be repurposed into lots of other different types of content to deliver tangible leads for your business.

Let me give you an example of how we did just that quite recently. So, we did a white paper for Alexander Mann Solutions on the future of work. That was then put on their website and it was gated so that people had to enter their data to be able to download a copy of that white paper, and therefore, that gave them leads to begin with.

We then did a press release of the back of the main findings of the report. That got some great coverage, but we also got then four articles commissioned from different HR and business media. Thought leadership articles that were then obviously used to create even more leads. It was shared through their social channels, and through the marketing campaign, so both the hero content and the coverage was shared.

The result of that was a 600% increase in their website traffic, 20 new business wins, and a corporate content award. So, who wouldn’t want that? So, 2019, be a content hero. You won’t regret it.”

But how can you use Tracey’s video to help you understand how you might be able to use content to increase engagement with new and existing clients. 

Ideas to Consider

  • There are a number of activities, insights or events that your business is doing already that you could possibly repurpose into hero content
  • Developing an integrated marketing plan, including content, PR and opportunities to drive leads can deliver results – and revenue


  • What are some of the knowledge or insight that we collectively have as a business and how can we impart this to our clients or candidates?
  • What do we do already that we may be able to leverage into hero content?


  • Think about your clients – or candidates – and some of their key pain points. This could be anything from issues facing the economy or profession through to their hiring or onboarding challenges. Identify 5 key pain points for each audience
  • Identify key themes or topics from which you can create hero content


Hero content doesn’t have to be hard to develop. Think about those things you do already, or knowledge within your team, that you can leverage into developing a hero content programme. Through a series of gate/ungated content assets and initiatives, investing in your hero content can help you not only build your reputation and brand awareness but drive tangible leads to your business.

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