Z = ZZZZZ Snooze You Lose – Alex Moyle

We’re at Z in the A to Z of recruiting success, and Z stands for snooze, you lose.

Now, you might be thinking, why did I pick that?

Well, the A to Z of recruiting success has really been about inspiring you and your teams to be better at what you do.

We all know the recruitment market’s getting more competitive every day, and part of the A to Z is giving you a snapshot of ideas every few days that help you grow and become more successful.

In summary, in this first series of the A-Z of Recruiting Success we had:

A = Audience – Clair Bush talking about Audience and understanding your audience to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.  (VIEW CLAIR’S VIDEO & BLOG)

B = Business Models – Neil Carberry from the REC talking about business models and adapting them to meet client needs. (VIEW NEIL’S VIDEO & BLOG)

C = Candidate – Angela Cripps recruitment trainer talking about the importance of candidate relationships in building a successful recruitment business. (VIEW ANGELA’S VIDEO & BLOG)

D = Distribution – Hung Lee of Recruiting Brainfood talking about your distribution channels for where you attract your candidates and clients. (VIEW HUNG’s VIDEO & BLOG)

E = Experiences – Gordon Stoddart from the Recruitment Network talking about candidate experiences and client experiences to improve customer loyalty (VIEW GORDON’S VIDEO & BLOG)

F = Fit – Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neil of Yardstick Associates talk about a recruiters role in helping organisations improve the culture fit of placements (VIEW KATRINA’S VIDEO & BLOG)

G = Growth – Sachin Ruparelia of Camino Partners talking about back-office and the role that plays in supporting your growth. (VIEW SACHIN’S VIDEO & BLOG)

H = Hero – Tracey Barrett of Bluesky PR talking about hero content and how it can generate inbound leads. (VIEW TRACEY’S VIDEO & BLOG)

I = Inclusion – Jane Hatton from Evenbreak talking about inclusion, and how using broader search criteria can help recruiters find hidden talent.  (VIEW JANE’S VIDEO & BLOG)

J = Judgement – Katrina Collier author of the Robotproof Recruiter talking about how both clients and recruiters are using their judgement to assess potential relationships every day.  (VIEW KATRINA’S VIDEO & BLOG)

K = KPI’sChris Hart of the Recruiter Index talking about KPI’s and how they can be used to motivate teams vs to demotivate (VIEW CHRIS’S VIDEO & BLOG)

L = Leads  – Kristie Perrotte from Thrive Marketing Communications talking about leads, and how to generate them through your website (VIEW KRISTIE’S VIDEO & BLOG)

M = Mojo – Nicky Coffin of Centered Excellence:  sharing a fantastic exercise to help recruiters get their Mojo back.  (VIEW NICKY’S VIDEO & BLOG)

N = Network – Jackie Torr from TEAM: sharing why she feels who you know is still critically important to your success. (VIEW JACKIE’S VIDEO & BLOG)

O = Old School – Louise Triance from UK Recruiter: Goes old-school and encourages Recruiters to get back to building the phone and build real relationships. (VIEW LOUISE’S VIDEO & BLOG)

P = PartnersCameron Mclennan of Firefish Software talking about creating partnerships with your clients to grow client loyalty and sales. (VIEW CAMERON’S VIDEO & BLOG)

Q = Quantitative – Ashley Rice the leadership development coach talking about the importance of qualitative and quantitative data, in managing your business. (VIEW ASHLEY’S VIDEO & BLOG)

R = Resilience – Hishem Azzouz from HOXO Media talking about resilience in recruitment, this is certainly a topic that needs more focus from Recruitment leaders. (VIEW THEIR VIDEO & BLOG)

S = Social – Stephen O’Donnell talking about social and the human aspect of being social as a recruiter. (VIEW STEPHEN’S VIDEO & BLOG)

T = Targets – Paul Dewick from Boomerang Funding talking about targets and how to motivate people by using them effectively. (VIEW PAUL’S VIDEO & BLOG)

U = Upfront Payment – Ali Whitehead recruitment trainer: Recruiters working to get an upfront payment from clients before they start their search.  (VIEW ALI’S VIDEO & BLOG)

V = Value – Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones talking about value and unlocking the hidden value that already exists in your CRM and your marketing system. (VIEW LISA’S VIDEO & BLOG)

W = Winning Attitude – Roy Ripper  talking about the winning mindset successful recruiters have over average recruiters.  (VIEW ROY’S VIDEO & BLOG)

X = X-Ray Vision – Neil Owen from Frazer John Recruitment talking about using your  X-Ray vision to predict hot markets in the next 12 months.  (VIEW NEIL’S VIDEO & BLOG)

Y = Yellow – The Recruiting Animal talking about stop being yellow and getting on the phone to talk to people. (VIEW ANIMAL’S VIDEO & BLOG)


my challenge to you is what are you actually going to do about it?

Have you watched the videos and thought, meh, that sounded good, or have you thought, I’m going to use that idea to help me get better.

And that’s at the heart of the Recruiting Gym, because what we’re trying to do on the Recruiting Gym is help you take an idea and turn it into execution.

Every one of these videos, has a blog attached to it which involves an exercise that you can perform yourself, or you can perform with your team if you’re a manager.  See below for an index to the videos and exercises..

So, are you going to snooze?

Or are you going to get up and do something and make sure you win in 2019?

Thank you very much for watching the series, we’ll be back with another A to Z series in a couple of months time. But until then, enjoy it, and hopefully I get to see you in the Recruiting Gym soon.