O – Old School – Louise Triance

In this video,  Louise Triance of UK Recruiter shares her thoughts on how Old School recruiting skills can help recruiters succeed in 2019

Louise said, – “Hello, I’m Louise Triance from UK Recruiter. In the A to Z of successful recruiting in 2019, my letter is O, and I believe O stands for Old School. Back in the ’90s, things weren’t any easier than now and there were plenty of crappy recruiters, but you could still stand out. Now I’m suggesting, if you go old school, you can rock at recruitment, and here are my four tips.

Number one, always give feedback to candidates. This has got to be the number one complaint job seekers have about recruiters. Don’t get me wrong, I really hated giving negative feedback when I was a recruiter, and I probably cried more than the candidates, but I always did it. If you’re not confident giving feedback, make an effort to perfect the art. If you have a client who doesn’t know how to give you the feedback to pass on, then train them up, too.

Number two, tell the truth. What is it you are lying about? The salary the client will stretch to? The amount of overseas travel? The number of other candidates in the frame? How long a recruitment process is like to take? Whatever it is, please don’t do it.

Number three, return calls. Recruitment’s a relationship business. Return calls to clients, to candidates, to possible candidates. Don’t feel you have to do any of these during peak sales time, but please do call people back. I often hear recruiters say if it’s important, they’ll call me back. Well, let’s hope so.

Tip number four, is know your niche. Really, the number one tip for being a successful recruiter is to pick a niche and totally own it. I know this is a tip being shared by others in this video series, so watch out for those. Sadly, recruitment’s a little bit more complicated than just grasping these simple rules. You must listen more than you speak, effectively sell, be a marketing guru, have tenacity, patience, compassion, empathy. The list goes on. However, it never does any harm to ensure you have the basics right and that’s why I’ve shared my tips.”

But how can you use Louise’s video to help you or engage your team in improving their approach to recruiting in 2019?  

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with yourself or your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • Giving phone feedback to candidates sets you apart from other recruiters
  • Tell the TRUTH…. The more open and honest you are about the situation with the candidate the more likely you are to build strong relationships that last.
  • Focus on building relationships vs transactional interactions. Lasting relationships are key to the long term success of recruiters
  • Know your niche and stick to it. This helps you become a subject matter expert in your market and attract inbound registrations and vacancies.


  • Which of these tips do you think could impact your success the most?
  • What challenges are there giving phone feedback to every candidate?
  • How could we overcome these challenges?
  • What are the situations we encounter when it is difficult to be 100% truthful with a candidate?
  • How could you be more open in these situations without impacting the outcome?


Imagine you are in one of these three scenarios

Situation 1: A candidate calls for feedback on a role. You know they are unlikely to progress, yet want to keep them in the mix.  

How do you set realistic expectations yet still keep their interest in the role?

Situation 2: You are speaking to a candidate who is light on experience in a key area?

How would you tell them this before they go into an interview?

Situation 3: A candidate calls you for a vacancy, they are not relevant and you are unlikely to get roles that are relevant.  

How would you tell them you cannot help, but leave them with a positive impression of your agency?


The phone is such a tremendous tool for recruiters.   It allows you to understand candidates needs and build lasting human to human relationships.  Yet, its use is much maligned.    Whether it be giving feedback, managing expectations, influencing needs and wants there are few recruiting tools that beat it for versatility.   The challenge is that it requires the courage to pick it up and have difficult conversations.   Go on be brave, pick up the phone and share some candid feedback

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