V – Value – Lisa Jones

In this video from Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones, shares insights and ideas on how Recruiters need to add more value to their clients to succeed in 2019. 

Lisa said, “I’m talking about V for Value. Recruitment leaders, are fixated on the value of their businesses, and so they should be.

Their marketeers are often fixated on the value that they add to the sales process.

Recruitment consultants and resources are fixated on the value of their desks, what kind of fees are they bringing in.

But maybe we should be focusing on the value of the more tangible items in our business, our most important assets, our staff.

So how we are valuing them by the training that we’re delivering, are we simply abdicating responsibility for buying training for them? Think about the value of the adverts that you’re pushing out on behalf of your clients.

Are they driving great assets, great candidates back onto your system, or is your system simply a data dump rather than a database? Is your CRM first in the pecking order for everything that you want to do, be it sourcing and placing, not just invoicing.

And your marketeers, are they driving leads into your business? Are they driving the three Cs, candidates, clients, consultants and cash?

So V is for Value.”

But how can you use Lisa’s video to help you engage your team in improving how they add value to clients?

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • Are you valuing your people by providing them with relevant training?
  • Are you valuing your investment in systems by ensuring you use them to their maximum potential?
  • Are you getting Value from your marketing efforts by measuring the conversion of spend to fees?


  • How could our CRM make us more money?
    • (seek answers such as – reactivating candidates we already know, improve how we chase leads and nurture client relationships
  • How could we make more money from the leads the Marketing team generate?
    • (seek answers such as better follow-up, ensuring every lead is tracked in the CRM.


  • Run 2 searches on your CRM
    1. Names of managers or companies who have given you business in the last 3 years, but not spoken to for 120 days.
    2. Names of candidates registered in last 3 years not contacted in 6 months
  • Speak to each of the people on the list, see how their careers are coming along or their teams are doing?
  • Measure how many leads you generate or candidates you activate.


Your CRM is a gold mine waiting to be tapped.   You likely have hundreds of line managers who know you, have used you, but you have stopped contacting.    You have hundreds of candidates who were good enough to get on your system and are likely to still be interested in careers in your niche.  Yet you no longer keep in touch.  

The CRM is one of many areas where you have extra value waiting to be unlocked.  As Lisa says success lies in being totally fixated on maximising the value of all your investments to achieve the success you desire.

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