D – Distribution Channel – Hung Lee

In this video, Hung Lee one of the industry’s super connectors and founder of recruitingbrainfood.com and workshape.io talks about recruiters needing to understand more about distribution channels to succeed in 2019.

Hung said, “D  stands for ‘distribution channel’. I think 2019 is going to be the year in which recruiters will understand and finally get the idea that the internet is not just a place from which you can just scrape and draw information, but also a place from which you can push it and influence it. It’s going to be about audience building, it’s going to be about inbound marketing, it’s going to be about community building. 2019 I think will be a very exciting year for the recruiters who know how to do that.”

But how can you use Hung’s video to help you engage your team in building better relationships with candidates? 

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • The internet is not just a database to be mined
  • Recruiters can influence what they get from the internet
  • Building an audience (a group of people who like you and your content) can help recruiters get inbound leads
  • Building a community is the best way to build and add value to an audience.


  • Where does our target audience live?
  • What can we do personally to add value to this audience?
  • What could our company do to help us add value to this audience?
  • What could we do to build a community around what we do?


  • Each consultant to spend an hour thinking about their candidate base and client base
    • What are the challenges they face and how can you help solve them?
    • What content formats do they engage with (blogs, infographics, videos) and how can you create content that speaks to these pain points?
    • How can your content get more people landing on your website? Look at themes or subjects that get a lot of likes, shares or website traffic. What takeaways can you find for your own content?
    • Write a list of 5-10 topics you can create content for in the first quarter – and stick to your commitment in actually writing them!

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