W = Winning Attitude – Roy Ripper

In this video Roy Ripper legendary recruitment trainer explains how a Winning mentality can help you and your team succeed in 2019.

Roy said, – “Today my letter is W, W for winning mentality. Now I’ve noticed massive differences between successful recruiters and unsuccessful recruiters, and it’s those differences mainly around the way that people think, alright?

Same skills, same resources, working in the same companies, but the thinking is different between the successful people and the less successful people. Less successful people for example, when they set goals, we’re all setting goals at this time of year, when they set goals, immediately they start putting limitations on themselves and their own abilities.

They’ll say three specific things.

Number one, I don’t know how to do that and they stop!

Number two, they’ll say, I don’t have those tools or resources or things Roy, and they stop.  

Number three that I hear most commonly is, I’m not like those other people Roy that you described, and they stop.

The successful people they just think the complete opposite to that. They’ll say they’ll come up with big goals it’s like we’re all you know that’s what we do we’re setting these big goals but instead of stopping what they all say is I don’t know how to do that yet.

Then what they do is they put it on their agenda to go learn those things, learn those skills, learn those abilities. They’ll still have those same I don’t know, challenges. I don’t have those resources I don’t have those skills I don’t have those things those tools that you described. But what they’ll do is they’ll make it a priority to go out and get those tools, get those skills, get those things that they don’t know those resources or tools or they’ll find somebody that can deliver on those things for them.

If it’s building a website or whatever. They still have that third thing of I’m not like those people but they don’t stop there what they’ll do is HOW are those people different and what can I do to replicate that? How can I mirror those success capabilities in my own business? So nothing stops them.

The thing I want to leave you with is if you’re going to make 2019 your best year ever okay in recruitment.

What I want you to do is not stop. When you have that question that’s like I don’t have those or I don’t know those things make it your priority to go learn them. I don’t have those tools. Make it your priority to go get them. Or I’m not like those people. Make it your priority to understand those people and move yourself more to being like them.

So look, it’s here it’s happening, don’t stop.”

But how can you use Roy’s video to help you create a winning mentality for yourself or your team? 

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • Successful people have a different mindset from unsuccessful or average people
  • Everyone has thoughts that try to turn them away from achieving their goals
  • You can think differently to overcome those self-limiting beliefs


  • When we try to achieve a goal which of the three self-limiting things that Roy outlines do you say to yourself most?
  • When looking to learn from successful people, Roy said you need to ask yourself “How are those people different, how can I replicate what they do”. What are the traits we see successful recruiters have?
  • What stops us developing those successful traits?


  • Take a goal you have for 2019 (if you do not have a goal set one quickly)
  • Write down the three traits you see of people who have achieved a goal like yours.
  • Next to each of those traits write the following things
    • On the left side of the page write reasons why you could never have those traits to succeed
    • On the right side of the page, write down what you would need to learn to have those success traits and What challenges you would have in learning them.
  • Cross off the left side……you now have a plan for what you need to learn to achieve your goal.
  • Now join the gym and starting asking questions of the coaches and other members to get the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.


Mindset is everything in Recruitment and life.  If you think something cannot happen you will likely be proved right.  If you think it can happen…. you have a much better chance of seeing the success you want.   It does not mean you will not see failure, because you probably will.   What it means is that you are fighting to find the success you want, and will, in turn, get closer to the goal that you seek. 

Join me in the Gym and ask me or any of the other coaches for advice on setting goals

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