E – Experiences – Gordon Stoddart

In this video, Gordon Stoddart, co-founder of the Recruitment Network, explains why client, candidate and employee experience are the keys to success in 2019.   

Gordon said, “E is for experiences – client experiences, candidate experience, colleague experiences. Experience is what turns business dealings and transactions into meaningful relationships, transforming how people make decisions, how they behave and where they spend their money. Experiences are what defines you and your reputation. 

Your reputation is what is going to define how successful you are moving forward. And it isn’t about the ideas, coming out with a couple of clever ideas that stand out. It is about a consistently positive experience that can get under the skin of those people we work with that create a sense of trust.

It’s about the obsessive mindset that says “I will benchmark myself, I will religiously seek feedback to understand how I can do things in a better way. And I will align my approach on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to make sure I can give a consistently positive experience.”

 Let’s create some memories moving forward because E is all about the experience.”

But how can you use Gordon’s video to help you engage your team in delivering better candidate, client and colleague experience? 

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • Meaningful relationships are built from positive experiences with other people
  • How people feel about their experience when working with you defines you and your reputation
  • You need to focus on how people feel about what you do for them every day


  • How do candidates / clients feel about their experiences with all recruiters as a whole?
  • What are the things that recruiters do for candidates and clients that negatively impact the candidate / client experience?
  • Which of those things do we do?
  • How can we stop doing the things that we know negatively impact the quality of candidate / client experience?

Exercise #1

  • Each consultant to call five candidates and five clients where you have an existing relationship and ask the following questions:
    • What things do recruiters do that annoy you?
    • What things do recruiters do that you like?
    • Which of the above things do we do?
    • How would we need to act differently to change how you feel about our service?
  • Regroup and share the responses consultants received, to the four questions
  • Note down the things you do badly and the ways you can do things differently.
  • Ask: how can we make sure we start doing these things going forward?

Exercise # 2

Gordon and The Recruitment Network have created a Customer Experience Calculator which you can access through this page  Customer Experience Cycle & Calculator


In today’s marketplace, candidates and clients have a choice about who they use. Having great candidates or superb job opportunities is great if you are the only agency in the market that has these things. However, the likelihood is you compete against competitors that have similar jobs or candidates to you. This means that whether you get called or your CVs get reviewed depends largely on how you make people feel.

Join us in the Gym and ask any of our coaches for advice on how to improve the quality of relationships you have with candidates.

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