K – KPI’s – Chris Hart

In this video Chris Hart from the Recruiter Index, explains how using KPI’s more effectively can help both managers and consultants achieve more success in 2019.   

Chris said, “In the A to Z of recruiting for 2019, my letter is K, which I believe stands for KPI. Now as controversial as they can be, KPIs are definitely a good thing.

There are examples of places out there and people out there that are using them as hard and fast targets rather than actual indicators of performance. But for me, the most important KPI as an indicator of performance run activity, the one you want to focus on the most interviews.

So for example, you can make as many calls or get as many CVs out as you like, which is an indicator of activity, but if you’re not getting the interviews from those calls and those CVs, then there’s a problem may be with the people you’re speaking to or the CVs you’re getting out. But if you are getting interviews, but then not getting the placements from it, then it’s really from that part of the process onward that’s the problem.  Maybe it’s from candidate management or counteroffers or not understanding how maybe things have got going on.

So I believe that interviews are the most important point on because it does give you a good idea of your performance, and it’s smack bang in the middle of the process, and it kind of narrows down where the problems might be. Like I said, you can make as many calls or get as many CVs out as you like, but if you’re not getting interviews then you’re not going to make the placements. So I wish everyone the best of luck in 2019. Good luck with it all”

But, how can you use Chris’s video to help your team have a positive mindset towards KPIs?  

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • KPI’s are a valuable tool for consultants and managers if used well.
  • KPI’s are often used poorly and negatively impact motivation.
  • Call or CV sent targets are OK, but count for nothing if jobs and interviews do not come from them.
  • Interviews are the most important metric because it is the first indicator that shows money can be made and highlights problems with the process.


  • What do you think about Chris’s view that 1st interviews are the best KPI?
  • What problems might low interviews highlight?
  • What problems might high interviews and low placements highlight?


  • Look at your activity metrics (CV sends, New vacancies, client meetings etc) over the last month
    • What could you have done differently (volume jobs, CV sends, influencing client) to increase the volume of interviews achieved?
  • Look at your placements over the last month
    • What could you have done to help more of your interviews convert into placements?


I am in agreement with Chris, 1st interviews is one of the most critical lead indicators in a sales pipeline. However, its value comes not from the figure but your team understanding how the number can help their identify areas for improvement in their own business. Good luck with the exercise and may you be blessed with more placements in the weeks ahead.

Join me in the Gym and ask me or any of the other coaches for advice on improving the volume of interviews or conversion rates of interviews to placements.  

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