P – Partnership with Clients – Cameron McLennan

In this video, Cameron McLennan from Firefish Software explains why partnership is will be a key to success in recruitment in 2019 and beyond

Cameron said, – “P is for Partner. 2019 is the year to stop being an agency and start being a partner. Our corporate in-house counterparts have access to all the tools agencies have access to now. But they aren’t dealing with just getting bums in seats. They’re dealing with challenges of end employer branding, challenges with profiling jobs, challenges with referral schemes, challenges with advertising those jobs, challenges with broadcasting on social media, challenges with talent pooling, challenges with assessments, challenges with offer management. There are a hell of a lot of challenges. These in-house teams are often small and their goal remember, is to justify agency spend as well as do all of the things that I’ve just mentioned. That’s an impossible task. So the agencies that start to partner with them in these challenges are the agencies that are going to thrive in 2019. If you give any of those things away that I’ve just mentioned for free, stop. These are the things that an in-house team need help with and are actually willing to pay a partner for. Start having conversations with your clients about partnering with them on an annual basis. Introduce these things into your client conversations. This is where the pain is. If they don’t use you to overcome them they will use another partner. So remember, p is for the partner.”

But how can you use Clair’s video to help you engage your team in better understanding their target clients and candidates?

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • HR and in-house recruiting teams have a host of tools at their disposal but plenty of additional challenges they’re facing
  • Recruiters who partner with them to find solutions to their challenges will be most successful
  • Establish a more formal or annual partnership scheme to help you build a loyal client who uses you again and again


  • What are some of the challenges that in-house recruiters face?
  • What are the areas where we can support them in their pain points to help build a partnership?
  • What are some of the conversations we can have with them to overcome their pricing objections?


  • On your own or in teams of up to 3, identify as many pain points you can that internal recruiters face
  • For each, provide a solution that you, your team, business or network can provide
  • What formats are these solutions? Are they all within your service delivery or may they also be a blog post, white paper or even a third party resource that you could recommend?


We all face challenges in our roles. Whether a line manager, HR department or in-house recruiter, those service providers who can deliver meaningful solutions are those who will build the strongest partnerships – and not surprisingly, the best clients. Put your customer first, thinking about their needs and how you can support and you’ll find that your business development activities become that much easier.

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