T – Targets – Paul Dewick

In this video, Paul Dewick of Boomerang Funding explains how using Targets more effectively can help you reach your goals in 2019.   

Paul said, “T for Targets. Setting targets in your business is so important, both on an individual level as a company director, or setting targets for your sales team and your consultants.

Set realistic targets, targets that they can achieve. Make those targets as visible as possible. Use MI information, use visual targets on the wall, good old fashioned whiteboard, however you want to do it.

Let them see how well they’re doing so they come in every day knowing what they’ve got to achieve and leaving every day feeling positive when they achieve them. Whatever happens in 2019, it’s going be a massive year for recruitment. It’s really exciting, so use targets properly and they can drive 2019 for you.

But how can you use Paul’s video to help you, help your team set better targets?  

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • Targets are an important part of improving motivation
  • Targets need to be visible and achievable.
  • Great targets can help you feel successful at the end of every day.


  • Why is a recruiter more motivated by targets they had a part in setting?
  • How could you be more involved in setting your own targets?
  • Even if you cannot set the top billing target, what other targets can you set for yourself day to day, week to week?


  • Write down a target that you have currently?
  • Write down 3 or 4 activities you need to perform regularly to help you hit your target.
  • Calculate how the volume and effectiveness of those activities will contribute to hitting your target. (i.e If I need to make 24 placements in a year, I need 96 vacancies assuming a 25% fill ratio. If 50% of the clients I meet give me a vacancy, then I need to meet 192 line managers per year or 4 per week….)  note this is one of many possible calculations you make.
  • Last, think about what you need to do to today to hit the 2 or 3 micro targets you have set yourself.

Use the video below as a guide to help you understand what you need to do to hit your targets


If you play a part in setting your targets you are likely to be much more motivated to execute the required activities.  Learning to set targets is key to recruiters or managers success.  

Join me in the Gym and ask me or any of the other coaches for advice on setting targets;

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