S – Social – Stephen O’Donnell

In this video, Stephen O’Donnell founder of the NORA’s shares his insights on how “social” will be critical to a recruiters success in 2019

Stephen said, – “My letter is S. Not only for Stephen, but also for social and Sociable. Not just social media, but all social channels through which a good recruiter can put themselves out there.

 Recruiters need to demonstrate their expertise, show themselves to be approachable, and of course engage with the largest possible pool of potential candidates and clients in their niche sector.

There are by necessity large parts of your day which need to be discreet, private, and confidential. You handle a lot of sensitive information and need to be trusted to manage that information ethically. However, today more than ever, a good recruiter needs to put themselves out there. They need to be visible.

They need to show what they’re busy doing on behalf of clients and candidates. Not only for them, but also for the industry sector within which the recruiter works. Above all, they need to be social, and sociable. With all the technology — more than recruiters use on a daily basis – it has become very easy to find yourself behind a whole raft of technology on the screen. It is also easy to find yourself hiding behind the communications with which you relate to the outside world – whether it be texts, emails, DMs and so on. Whilst these are fantastic communications tools, a good recruiter should do the things that cannot be automated.

You need to prove that there’s a human involved in the process. That’s what you’re being paid for after all – and differentiates yourself from a very clever set of algorithms and AI. Remember, the client hired you to fill the vacancies and not simply operate the machinery that finds the candidates. So, if you want to be a successful recruiter in 2019, it is vital that candidates see and hear you. As well as know you from pixels on a screen. Thank you very much.”

But how can you use Stephen’s video to help you engage your team in being more effective in their usage of “social” in 2019? 

Use the I.C.E learning workout below to help you use this video with your team.

Ideas to Consider

  • Despite all the technology available, recruitment is still a human business
  • Recruiters need to demonstrate that they can leverage the technology available, but provide those value-added activities that clients ultimately pay us for
  • Among these are maintaining both a social and sociable presence — your clients and candidates want to hear from you!


  • How are we spending our time each day to make sure that we are providing these value-added activities to our clients and candidates?
  • What can we do better?
  • How can we make social media and being more sociable part of our day-to-day activities?


  • On your own or in a team of 2-3, think about the various ways you can demonstrate your value-added service to your clients and candidates
  • What key messages are you sharing? Where are you sharing it?
  • Identify one social media post per week for the next month where you can demonstrate this


Your clients and candidates want to hear from you. Being social and sociable means demonstrating the various value-added activities you provide and sharing them with the world. Doing so will help you build stronger relationships with your customers – and build your business!

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