About us:

Our goal in the gym is to be the ‘Home of Recruitment Training‘. The Recruiting Gym is a community of Recruiters and Recruiting leaders collaborating and seeking answers to the questions that are holding them back.  

Members need not be alone in their search for operational and performance excellence, but can instead unlock the wisdom of the Gym, a community focused on learning & development and performance management. 

We redefine how peer–to–peer support, continual learning and implementation of best practice can drive sales performance. Our coaches are all Recruiters and Recruiting leaders and many of them are still actively recruiting or running recruitment businesses, which is how we keep our training content and advice current.

We all face similar challenges and are looking to advance our businesses, profession and industry. 

Alex Moyle, Founder & Sales Performance Coach

Our Values

Our vision in the Recruiting Gym is to support you, your people and your company’s growth, providing every aspect of development required, creating success at all levels. The key to getting better at anything is to always be looking for ways to improve. Our supportive team of coaches with extensive industry experience and credibility, make the interactive on-line and face-to-face learning fun and actionable, whilst being relatable to current market conditions. We are here to inspire you and to make a difference to our profession.

All of our courses are built around our 4 core values:

Be More Human

Recruiters trade in hopes, dreams and rejection. We must strive to maintain a human touch in all our activities to limit the emotional impact of the recruitment process on all sides

Be Proactive

There are only two types of Recruiters; – the quick and the dead. Do not wait for things to happen, manage your clients, candidate and placement risk every day

Be Better

Develop the habit of lifelong learning by committing to improving what you do, how you do it, and what you achieve from those activities

Be Curious

Question everything around you. This enables you to understand how the world works, elevating your business acumen and improving your ability to develop high-value relationships

I first found out about the Recruiting Gym in January 2019, when Alex Moyle put together his A-Z of recruiting success and I was asked to contribute to the letter C – I picked candidates and had to phone in my video from Melbourne, Aus where I was currently working.

From there, I wanted much more inovlement in online training, so created the Business Planning for Success course for the Gym. I loved it. I loved it so much that I got more and more involved and within 6 months became MD to help grow and run the business.

For those old enough to remember… it was my Victor Kiam moment!

Angela Cripps

Managing Director & Recruiting and Leadership Coach