Meet Alan, your 360 recruiter coach

“I would describe myself as an experienced, passionate trainer who has been training people in the recruitment industry since 1997 from new starters through to business owners.

Over 8,500 people have benefited from my training with a true international reach (currently 16 countries) and exposure to a wide variety of market specialisations and levels of recruitment. Some of the people I’ve trained as ‘rookie’ consultants are now successful business owners and also my clients.

 I am a believer in the ‘mind body link’ and therefore endeavour to keep myself in shape both physically and mentally.  This comes across in my training as I aim to get individuals and businesses ‘fit for purpose’”.

3 problems I can solve:

How do I get trainees up and running (billing)?

Proven recruitment processes, structures and techniques delivered in such a way that they can be applied the moment they leave the session

How do I motivate my team?

Understanding individual drivers, using the right language, leading by example are just a few strategies that can be used when it comes to understand motivators as well as demotivators.

My team lack confidence

Training can very often help people to become more confident in their work/approach and as a people developer one of my aims is to provide people with that confidence.

3 questions I like being asked:

“What would you say are the top qualities of a successful recruiter?”

How do I get trainees up and running (billing)?”

“What would you say to a client who says [insert objection]?”

My training:

How To Sell Client Retainers

In this course, Alan Clarke will help you learn why clients buy retainers, give you the knowledge and the tools to be able to sell retainers to your clients – whilst supporting you throughout the process. 

Working hard for clients who give you little or no commitment is a recipe for emotional burnout.Let us help you develop the confidence and skills to build stronger client relationships and get paid upfront for the time and energy you put into the candidate search

The biggest compliment I can pay Alan is that I still remember almost all of his training almost 20 years on! Many things have changed in that time, but the core skills and techniques I learned from him have remained a bedrock throughout my career and gave me the best possible foundation to succeed. Despite our paths not crossing for many years in between, his frequent linkedin updates, many of which included his famous Dad jokes, never failed to put a smile on my face and often reinforced my belief that the “basics” hadn’t changed. I am now working in a role where I can utilise Alan again and I am pleased to report he is still positive, proactive and always willing to go over and above to support my team. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Paul Springhall

Managing Director, Eurobase People

I was first trained by Alan in early 2011, he taught me all of the principles of recruitment and gave me the knowledge I needed to succeed in a tough industry, which I’ve now been in for 10 years. During the recent pandemic, Alan was the first person I contacted for support to ensure my team of 4 were working to the best of our ability and to pick up some new tips and tricks at a time where picking up business has never been so difficult for many of us. Alan delivered a brilliant session by video conference and the training delivered instant results with one team member picking up 3 new roles with new customers within a week as a direct result of his change of approach which was coached by Alan! 

Ashley Morton

Winner of "Best Temporary Consultant" at 2018 Global Recruiter Awards

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