Become a coach

We are always exited to hear from an expert in our industry that is looking to share their skills and expertise with our members. 

Whether you’re already an established coach or have a course that you can see is missing in our portfolio, we would love to hear from you!

It’s an exciting time to join the team as we’ve focused on our online training throughout 2020 with a move to a new and improved platform. Even if you’ve not trained online before, we’ll take you through the process step by step and enhance your coaching abilities to be able to support your delegates. 

Why join us?

As a recruitment trainer, you’ve mastered the challenges and overcome the obstacles the industry has thrown at you, but do you still face…

An inability to scale and widen your sales funnel

We support our team of coaches by raising their profile through exposure to our network via social media, live webinars, blogs and podcasts.

Business development challenges

A lack of time to focus on business development. We help source potential prospects by nurturing leads through the sales funnel process for you. 

Limited Digital Marketing experience

Lack of understanding of digital marketing to create inbound lead opportunities, can mean the difference between a successful online course or an unsuccessful one – it has nothing to do with your training ability. We support coaches with their self-promotion online and include their courses in the company’s marketing activities such as inclusion in our weekly newsletter to thousands of recruiters.

Mismatched opportunities without a credible place to refer clients

We pride ourselves in being the home of recruitment training. You will have a coach profile created for you on our website that includes the courses you have available, as well as a Book Like A Boss page for you to refer your clients to.

The cash for time trap and no recurring revenues

Our online training platform allows you to market your course on a site where one-click downloads are possible as well as a ‘buy now’ option. Many fantastic recruitment trainers deliver their courses face to face and combining this with travel and design time, can make their courses less profitable than expected. An online course is designed once and sold many times over with no additional effort.

Technical and logistical challenges of delivering online training

We offer 121 support with building an online course, hosting live webinars online and ensuring you’re happy with both the content, structure and logistics of fitting the course around your busy schedule.

Our courses

All our courses are available to buy online and range from 4 weeks to 12 months. If you spot a gap in our portfolio then we would love to hear from you!

If you had access to an online platform where you could deliver training at scale, leverage a peer referral network and access leading promotion and inbound marketing initiatives, would it transform your business?

Get in touch with our head coach Angela Cripps by emailing to find out more.