Marketing is HARD…..

Marketing is hard for Recruiters and Agency owners.


Because most recruiters live for the quick win.  They love speaking to candidates about jobs,  converting a lead into new vacancies and CV’s sent into interviews.   etc etc – you get my drift if there is a quick win to be had Recruiters want it.

This is why marketing is so challenging for Recruiters,  Marketing is about medium and long term wins.   It is about raising awareness, building credibility and trust.  The goal is to ensure you are the first name that comes to mind when a candidate looks for a job or a line manager needs someone for their team.

Kristie Perrotte is one of our marketing coaches in the Recruiting Gym.  The most common question she is asked is, “what are the easy things for me to do without engaging a marketing agency?”

In this Learning Live Kristie shared 5.5 marketing ideas any agency could implement irrespective of their budget or marketing skills.

In summary, her tips were

1: Create a Social Media Plan

By creating a plan you can ensure that you are consistent with building market awareness in the key places your candidates and clients live.

A plan will help you focus on key themes that will drive candidates and clients to your website.

2: Consider Your Medium

Most agencies have figured out that posts need visual elements to them.  However, video is increasingly prioritised by the social networks.   Use tools such as Lumen5 to help you develop rich media content with very little effort.

3: Maximise Your Existing Content

In 2016 I wrote 30 blogs…..yes 30.  It almost killed me.   However, do you know what I did in 2017 and 2018?  I just reshared the same blogs over and over every few months.   What happened? Website traffic went up and I reached page 1 of Google for “Recruitment Consultant Training”.

If you create content wisely you can re-use it again and again.  Think about it,  will a blog on “how to prepare for an interview” ever go out of fashion?

4: Focus Your Efforts

There is pressure to be amazing at every channel (Linkedin, Facebook Twitter).  Focus on one channel and dominate it.   Think about where your audience lives online, that is the channel you need to master first.

5: Reactivate Your Database

You have already spent tens of thousands of pounds building a database.  Yet most clients and candidates never hear from you.   Think about how you can add value to your existing database before you start expensive external campaigns.   Getting more from what you already have is the NUMBER 1 way to get a return from your marketing activity.

5.5: Know Your Data

Find ways of measuring your marketing activity so you can measure the return on your investment and see cumulative successes.  Remember the reason most Recruiters dislike marketing is that there are no quick wins.  Picking a few key metrics will help you see the little wins and incremental movement towards success.

What Now?

If you want more detail on each of these points watch the video playback, or go to Kristie’s blog where she shares more detail on each of these points.

And…..if you are a member of the Recruiting Gym,  sign in and ask Kristie some more questions.   Or sign-up for a 7 day free trial and get to experience the benefit of all the coaches advice.