I’ve experienced a strange phenomenon recently. A number of sales leaders I’ve spoken to have a clear billing target for their business, and yet they have a fear of any other sort of targets for day to day operations, i.e. Operational KPIs or defined processes for their businesses.

Why would this be?

If done well KPIs and standardised processes should represent:

  • A simple framework of “The Way Success is Achieved Around Here” to support the organisational values.
  • A way for newer or mid-level consultants to plan and structure their day to grow towards hitting billing targets.
  • An objective way for managers to look at the effectiveness of the sales activities conducted by their team.

Conversely, a reluctance to use, or enforce KPIs can lead to motivated, talented individuals performing at a level below their potential and actually asking for more structure and accountability.

What is the solution?

Is it possible to have Operational KPIs and still have a happy, successful sales function?

How can KPIs be used as a way to motivate rather than demotivate?

Do KPIs and sales processes have a future in a sales function?

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