Brexit: How To Be Positive With Your Clients

This time last week you were sitting at your desk thinking “has this really happened?”

You were wondering how the decision to leave the EU was going to affect your client’s desire to hire.

From the conversations I had last week the feeling seems to be that whilst some companies are putting things on hold, many others are proceeding with their plans (all be it with more caution).

What is clear though is that the country as a whole could talk itself into a recession.  In the coming weeks, there will be no shortage of media outlets seeking to publicise the “faltering economy”.   It only took the IOD a few days to release a statement about headcount freezes.  (

Recruiters have an important role to play in helping the country avoiding talking itself into a recession. There are about 100,000 recruiters in the UK. If they only speak to 30 people a week that is over 3 million phone conversations.

If recruiters run around saying “everyone is nervous”, “everything is on hold” or “we are dooooooomed!” It will not take long for companies to become negative in their outlook. This will then pass on to their staff and their desire to spend. Before too long we will be in recession.

I am not saying Recruiters will be responsible for a recession, but we have an important role to play in helping avoid it.

Leaders need to support their teams craft responses to questions such as “how is the market?” or “what do you see happening?”

These crafted responses do not need to be untrue but they need to be balanced. They need to balance the real concerns employers have with the positive news you hear in the market.

To help you and your team I have crafted a video exercise you can run with your team to help with this. (this video was updated in March 2019)