Scared of KPI’s

by Mar 21, 2019Business Development0 comments

I have experienced a strange phenomenon recently. I have spoken to a number of sales leaders of late who have a clear billing target for their business but seem to have a fear of any other sort of targets for day to day operations, i.e. Operational KPIs or dictated processes for their businesses.

Why would this be?If done well KPIs or a process framework should represent:
– A simple framework of “The Way Success is Achieved Around Here” to support the organisational values 
– A way for newer or mid-level consultants to plan and structure their day to grow towards hitting billing targets
– An objective way for managers to look at the effectiveness of the sales activities conducted by their team

Conversely a reluctance to have, or enforce, KPIs can lead to motivated, talented individuals performing at a level below their potential and actually asking for more structure and accountability. 

What is the solution?

Is it possible to have Operational KPIs and still have a happy, successful sales function?

How can KPIs be used as a way to motivate rather than demotivate?

Do KPIs and sales processes have a future in a sales function? 

Please share your opinion.