Born in the 1990’s, the phrase ‘digital native’ is all too familiar. We were the first generation to grow up surrounded by digital technologies such as the internet, computers and smartphones. If that wasn’t already enough, we were also part of the uprising of social media. An age that supposedly made us more connected, yet some would argue that it’s made us less comfortable with face-to-face interactions as a result.

Many of us would prefer to chat to someone online, as that’s what we’re used to and therefore simply lack the practice. It’s an easier way of expressing yourself as you have time to consider what you’d like to say, removing all sense of vulnerability. Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys uncomfortable small talk with someone that they’ve not met before. Whilst messaging online allows us to express ourselves without fault, it’s not always the best approach when it comes to building strong relationships in the workplace.  

With the recruitment industry rapidly changing, more traditional methods such as face-to-face meetings are slowly becoming devalued and replaced with newer methods that are internet based, such as video calling and LinkedIn”.

Despite this, our coaches strongly believe that the need for human relationship building hasn’t changed and that internet based methods should be considered as additional tools to your recruitment process. In this video, Alex explains why face-to-face is still a very important part of a successful recruitment desk.

What Now? 

Why don’t you show this video to your consultants on Monday morning, to stimulate a conversation surrounding the importance of face-to-face when running a successful recruitment desk.