Business Planning for Success: Taking Back Control

A 5 week course for those who are looking to move up to the next level in their performance.  The course will give you a proven strategy to plan, analyse and strategise your desks to achieve consistency in your future success, whilst giving you the tools, knowledge and skills to build a business plan that works.

1 Day - Classroom

5 Hours - Webinars

30+ Videos & Exercises

5 weeks - Coach Q&A

We know that consistency in performance is something that eludes the majority of Consultants, and it’s not always about just having length of experience.

As time goes on, a Consultant can end up being a victim of their own success. They gain more and more clients, who are taking up their time, but they’re not always ending the recruitment process in success and therefore, if they’re a contingency recruiter, there’s no revenue either.

We take a business acumen approach to business planning that focuses Consultants on understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and creating a plan to capitalise on the strengths and develop the weaknesses, whilst taking back control of what they do on a day to day basis; a proactive approach, rather than always reacting to either clients or candidates demands.

Why people fail at business planning:

Course Outline

Week 1: Business Planning

Classroom training sits at the heart of our Hybrid approach to training.  On this day we teach Recruiters that business planning and having a long, medium and short term strategy is the key to success. This day also builds a community spirit amongst learners that drives engagement during the webinars and online learning.

Topics Covered: 

  • Having a Vision for your desk to understand where you’re going
  • Short/medium/long term planning and how they all inter-link
  • Activity versus results – understanding the figures & what the analysis means
  • Creating objectives and goals from the analysis, that motivate
  • PESTLE & SWOT analysis – what is it in relation to recruitment and why do we do it?

Week 2: Building Your Client Development Strategy

Your business plan should have objectives of developing your client base. This could require many new clients, expanding into different areas of your existing companies and key accounts, gaining more business from current contacts or potentially addressing the lapsed clients and why they are lapsing. Whatever your situation, and it could be all four are required, you need a strategy.

Topics Covered: 

  • Annual operational plan for clients
  • Winning new clients that will benefit your business
  • Retaining existing clients
  • Expanding clients that are key accounts

Week 3: Building Your Candidate Development Strategy

You now have a strategy for your clients, so your plan regarding your candidates needs to dovetail this. Globally, it’s been a candidate driven market in nearly all sectors for many years – and this doesn’t look like it’s changing soon. Too often, consultants wait until they have a position before they start looking for suitable candidates. Your strategy needs to have short, medium and long term objectives – so that you’re always ahead of the competition.

Topics Covered: 

  • Annual operational strategy for candidates
  • Talent pooling for the future
  • Candidate care plans
  • Utilising social media within your strategy

Week 4: Finalising Your Annual Business Plan

This is the week where we pull everything together and support you in finishing your annual business plan to be able to present it to your Manager/Director. We set the annual objectives and break down the goals to quarters so that the detail can be written before each quarter. There’s also support for your presentation skills, if required.

Topics Covered:

  • Analysis to planning
  • Breaking down the goals
  • Contingency Strategies
  • Presenting the plan

Week 5: Recap Week

The final week takes time to recap on the previous month’s learning and gives delegates the opportunity to go over any information in further detail. It also goes through the next steps to make sure that the business planning for the year ends in success.

Angela Cripps

Leadership Coach

“I’ve been training for 32 years and coaching executives for 17 of those. My aim is to make companies more successful and profitable through the development of their people and processes.”

“Angela is a brilliant coach and a tremendous business strategist and consultant. She has been instrumental in helping to devise a meaningful performance development strategy for our business. She is clear cut and uncomplicated in the way that she thinks, communicates and works. She is commercially astute and I really valued the way that she was able to bring structure and clarity to the process of developing a business strategy.”

Sarah Crawshaw

Managing Director, Taylor Bennett Heyman (Asia Pacific)


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