Meet Clare, your mental health and resilience coach

Hi, I’m Clare, I have worked in the recruitment industry as a consultant, manager and trainer for 23 years in London, Sydney and across the UK and have a huge passion for the industry.

My main drive is to help leaders, managers and their teams build relationships to enhance and support their business when they have mental health concerns.

Over the past 6 years I have been working with leaders and middle managers to build their teams, addressing their mental health concerns and developing strategic action plans to prevent long term illness from mental health issues.

I want to share my knowledge, experience and passion to help companies and management teams grow and succeed through training programmes, group and one-to-one coaching, large workshops and continuous mentoring. I believe “Once you truly know about people, you will succeed at work and in life.

3 problems I can solve:

Actioning care plans to prevent mental ill-health

Were you aware that 1 in 4 of us will experience one mental health problem in one year? Let’s aim to make our recruitment business one that encourages people to have a work-life balance. We can do this by being proactive and using preventative measures so there are no casualties regarding mental ill-health.

Enabling colleagues to spot the signs of mental ill-health

Mental health issues left unchecked cost you time and money. By being able to identify potential signs off stress, anxiety or mental health issues early businesses can not only have higher performing teams but it reduces staff turnover too. 

Giving your managers confidence

Mental ill-health is often ‘brushed under the carpet’ and not talked about. I work with leaders and managers to enable them to talk to their teams about mental health and address any concerns before they escalate.

3 questions I like being asked:

“How do I raise awareness of mental ill-health?”

“How do I approach someone who may have mental ill-health and start the conversation?”

“How do we spot the signs of mental ill-health?”

My Training:

Managing Stress & Mental Health in Recruitment

A one day course designed to help managers address mental health and stress within their teams. The course will run on a monthly basis in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and London and will consist of practical, real life examples in a group training environment. It will provide managers with the relevant skills so they’re better equipped when addressing conversations surrounding mental health, with the aim of improving their teams’ resilience and performance.

We have worked with Clare more than once and on each occasion she has delivered effective, compelling and insightful training to a variety of different groups. She has an excellent grasp of how to compile and convey the most important points and her wealth of experience is always evident. Clare is clearly able to understand the brief and create the most appropriate technical and commercial proposal. The feedback from participants has always been very high. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clare and plan to work with her again in the future.

Jon Hollier

Director, Novo Executive Search and Selection

I have been extremely impressed by the level of preparation and professionalism applied by Clare. We have looked to supplement our training support recently and tried several different providers. Clare was without a doubt the highest calibre of trainer we have recently engaged and I will not hesitate to work with her again.

Matt Wells

Learning and Development Manager, G2V Recruitment Group