Meet Alex, your Recruiting & Leadership Coach

Hi, I’m Alex, a recruiting trainer and overall recruitment geek. I’ve spent over 20 years in recruitment, with the last 15 training and coaching people to accelerate performance. I love taking complex ideas and turning them into tools and techniques that help recruitment professionals earn more money.   My recruitment training courses help consultants and managers of all experience levels deliver better results. We’ll help you build a culture that enables everyone in your team to deliver at least two deals a month. 

3 problems I can solve:

Consistency of billings

Inconsistent billings can be an emotional experience for everyone. I help managers develop systems and processes that allow consultants and teams to hit their targets  month in and month out.  

Business development culture

Business development should not be a dirty word. I help leaders build teams that enjoy BD and marketing and see it as an integral part of running a successful desk.

Billing managers performance

Billing management is the hardest job in recruitment. I help directors and billing managers build a leadership mindset, giving them the ability to better coach their teams and drive performance

3 questions I like being asked:

“How can we make our billings look less like a Rollercoaster?!”

“How can I motivate my team to want to do more business development?”

“How can I help my Billing Managers balance both billing and managing?”

My Courses and Groups

The hardest job in recruitment, billing management and its relentless demands on both personal and team performance can make or break a recruitment leader – and a business! Our six-month programme helps managers not only develop the right mindset, it also helps them coach, mentor and performance manage their team.  Most importantly, our program is built around a structured best practice framework that is proven to build high performing teams.

Business Development is the activity is the most new Recruiters struggle with.  This is because to succeed Recruiters need a robust strategy, confidence to go out of their comfort zone and the skills to differentiate themselves from their competitors.   This course is structured to give Recruiters that are new to business development the strategy, confidence and skills they need to win new business within a few weeks of starting the course. 

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