Meet Katharine, your candidate sourcing and engagement coach

Hi, I’m Katharine, a talent sourcer with over a decade of experience combing the web to find great candidates. I work as a researcher and a trainer, helping businesses have more conversations with interesting and interested people.
My sourcing training helps recruitment teams be bolder with the tools they use to look for and engage candidates. By combining your industry knowledge with expertly crafted search tactics, together we will get more candidates into jobs they love.
IMPORTANT, I STILL SOURCE:  Given how quickly the world of technology and sourcing changes, I still spend over half my year engaged in sourcing projects or contracts finding some of the hardest to source skillsets in the world, 

3 problems I can solve:

Using LinkedIn

Katharine focuses on helping Gym members make the most from LinkedIn, whether you use a Basic account, Premium, or Recruiter. LinkedIn is one of the most important tools in a recruiter’s kit, and it’s important to get the most from it right from the start, especially if you pay for a Recruiter subscription.

Finding Candidates

Everyone has access to the same tools, so running a search on LinkedIn is no longer an advantage. If you run the same search as everyone else, you will find the same people. You need to run different searches, and contact candidates faster. 

Nurturing Passive Talent

It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you. By being a useful person to know in your niche, you become top of mind the next time potential candidates, and clients, need help.

3 questions I like being asked:

How do I still get the most out of LinkedIn if I don’t have a Recruiter licence?

How can I find content to share on Social Media?”

What is an X-ray search?”

My Training Programs

Candidate Sourcing & Engagement 

If you cannot source and engage Candidates you cannot be a successful Recruiter. But sourcing has never been a more challenging skill to learn. The range of skills a new Recruiter needs to master is mindblowing.  Mining the internet for names, writing engaging messages, screening candidates, and building a relationship that survives the ups and downs of a placement process. The 8 week  course is packed with practical strategies and exercises to help Recruiters contribute to the teams performance from month one. 

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