Meet Paul, Our Start Up and Solopreneur coach

Hi, I’m Paul.  I have been helping business owners improve how they run their businesses for 10 years.   I spent the last 7 years starting up, running and selling Boomerang Funding.   I help SME business owners improve their back office and funding operations.   However my passion is in helping solopreneur Recruiters and start ups achieve the level of performance they desire.   

My strength as a coach is helping people simplify thier challenges and create simple plans to help them achieve their goals. 

3 problems I can solve:


Let’s keep things simple and get billing fast.  I will help you get things set up and then support you through your first few fees.  

Back Office and Finance

I can help you have the right back office systems and finance in place to minimise the challenges you have as your contractor book grows. 

Contractor / Temp Management

There is a lot of hassel that can come with placing contractors.  I can help you with IR35, AWR, Holiday Pay, Pensions and other contractor issues. 

3 questions I like being asked:

“Which funding provider should I choose?

“What are the first things I should do as a start up?”

“How am I going to be impacted by IR35?”

My courses and groups

Life can be lonely as a Solopreneur.  If you miss talking to people who are doing the same thing as you or going through the same challenges as you,  then this group could be for you.  As well as getting access to the full benefits of the Gym you get extra webinars which are dedicated to the challenges you face.