Communication For Performance: Leaders

A 4 hour workshop to help leaders understand more about their communication style and how to adapt their style to different personalities within their team.

Half Day - Classroom

DISC – communication assessment

Practical exercises aid immediate application

Every recruiter knows that to succeed you need to be able to adapt your style to a wide range of personalities. Yet many leaders struggle with applying the same approach to managing their teams.

Leaders who cannot adapt their style have higher levels of consultant turnover, as they struggle to say the right things in the right way. This leads to frustration on both sides of the relationship.

This one day workshop is designed to help leaders adapt their own communication style to help them say what they want to say in a way that inspires change in behaviour.


This Course Will Help In The Following Ways

  • Improve understanding of Leaders default personality style and the positive and negative impact this can have on their team.
  • Help managers assess the preferred communication style of individuals of their team.
  • Adapt communication style at desk during in the moment coaching conversations
  • Improve approach to 1-2-1 meetings to improve implementation
  • Confidence when dealing with aggressive or dominant personalities with in the team
  • Effectiveness of meetings that address underperformance

Alex Moyle

Recruiting & Leadership Coach

Hi, I’m Alex, a recruiting trainer and overall recruitment geek. I’ve spent over 20 years in recruitment, with the last 15 training and coaching people to accelerate performance. I love taking complex ideas and turning them into tools and techniques that help recruitment professionals earn more money.

Ruth Forster

Relationship & Communications Coach

Hi, I’m Ruth.  I have been in recruitment for over 20 years as a Recruiter, Manager and Business Owner.   I specialise in helping Recruiters, Managers and Directors improve how they communicate by adapting their communication style. I use DiSC as a tool to help people understand more about their default communication style and how it helps and hinders them getting what they want from a relationship or situation.

Upcoming Dates & Locations

21st April, London

22nd April, Manchester


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I met Alex in 2015 during a hard part of my recruitment career where things were not going the way I would have hoped. Alex came into our office and identified several small areas which impacted massively on my business and really explained and taught me how to overcome them. His simple, story like view on things made me understand just how to tackle each area and made an impact right away. I went from being one of the bottom consultants (billing around £50k) to become top consultant (billing £180k+)! I feel his knowledge and expertise in training has added value to me and also to the team.

Managing Director

DiSC profiling has been a great tool to use in general team management and also the development of the individual team members. People work and operate in many ways and have different motivators and stressors and it is good to understand how to select the best way to communicate and work with them. I would thoroughly recommend teams being profiled so everyone understands each other better and how to interact for a more harmonious environment.   

Billing Manager


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