Comprehensive training for recruiters worldwide

Angela Cripps and the Recruiting Gym Team of Coaches facilitated a Daily Workout to offer recruitment training and help the world’s recruiters get motivated for the day… every day for 4 years.

Join the Gym and purchase the Daily Workout course for £99 per year to access 1000 episodes of training on a variety of subjects such as: Business Development, Candidate Sourcing & Engagement, LinkedIn, Social Media & Marketing, Leadership & Management, Mental Health & Wellbeing, the Recruitment Process, #MeetYourRecruiter, My Life in Recruitment and so much more. 

 The price relates to the 1000 previous webinars available, as well as any future content.

Great for CPD at any level.


“If you are looking for that get up and go first thing in the morning. A cup of coffee/tea and the Recruiting Gym is the solution:-) I first started watching the morning stand ups a couple of years ago. Angela and her team are extremely knowledgeable and cover subjects from tips on sourcing candidates to Emotional Fitness. We know how stressful the Recruiting industry can be and is presently. Each week there is a special topic and the stand ups are associated with the topic. Thank you to Angela and her team” – Roisin O’Connell


“The Recruiting Gym is the place to go for the best range of training and support for recruiters. I love the Daily Workouts, the coaching sessions and the great team at the Gym!” – Louise Triance

“Absolutely love this place! It gives me energy and focus in the morning. The coaches are amazing, and I am buzzing after each session. Special thanks to Angela for her priceless advice and Alex for always making me smile & keeping me motivated. What a found! I am addicted and want to be a member forever!” – Joanna Byerley