Competencies of a recruitment consultant

11/12 – Maintaining a high level of business performance

Business Performance

 When working in recruitment, it is likely that your company will have minimum acceptable standards (MAS) in relation to the way you behave, activities that you need to perform, as well as the results expected. This is the baseline to which targets will then be set.

As a sales person, you shouldn’t be happy with just achieving your target and you certainly shouldn’t be happy with just being above the minimum. You should always be enhancing the targets (stretch targets) for your own higher personal standards. Don’t accept the minimum – always try to stretch yourself and do better than before. Great consultants want to be the best.


The purpose for a recruitment consultant is to establish rapport by demonstrating a clear understanding of the client’s changing business.  Relate confidently with the client, whilst giving and receiving information on the solutions to be put in place.

      • Tell me about a time when you have had to set your own standards?
      • What standards did you set?
      • What areas did you consider when setting the standards?
      • What impact did the standards have on your business and/or relationships



      • Describe a situation whereby you have been extremely successful in something:
      • What was the situation?
      • How specifically did you achieve the success?
      • What did you learn from the experience?


      • Explain in what way you have been a role model to others:
      • How did you set an example to others?
      • What impact did you have on others as a result of setting the example?
      • What was others perception of you as a role model?

High level of competence shown

  • Recognises the need that to maintain a high level of performance requires identification and action of their own personal developmental needs
  • Recognises the importance of role modelling within the business
  • Appreciates that own performance depends on that of others and operates with this in mind, to maintain high standards throughout the business
  • Constantly strives to achieve more than what is expected

Each week I’m tackling a new competency and I will follow the same format of purpose, questions and three examples of what a high level of that competency would look like.


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Angela Cripps is a globally experienced trainer, Managing Director of the Recruiting Gym, management consultant, executive coach, board advisor, mentor and performance specialist who has been working within the recruitment industry for over 30 years.  

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