Competencies Of a Recruitment Consultant

Part 2/12 – Monitoring


This week we will focus on monitoring.

The act is described in the dictionary as:
Observe and check the progress or quality of (something) over a period of time; keep under systematic review.’


I have had many discussions with Managing Directors of recruitment companies that say that they don’t want to ‘micro-manage’. A lot of them came from an environment where they felt KPI’d to death! This isn’t about micro-management as it shouldn’t be the manager that’s doing the detailed monitoring, but the individual, based on their plans.

The manager / MD should be getting the review of the details and their responsibility is to make sure that this review happens on a regular and consistent basis.

Once you have your plan, then work out what elements of the role need to be monitored to make sure that you are on track and if your objectives have specific and measureable outcomes, sound easy enough?

The purpose for a recruitment consultant is to be disciplined in monitoring their business on a daily basis.  Understanding their performance through referencing against their plan and to operate with a sense of urgency to overcome barriers to business performance.

Questions for monitoring competence

Tell me about how you monitor your business:

    • What specifically do you monitor in your business?
    • How often do you monitor these?
    • What processes have you put in place to keep the records?

    Tell me about a time when monitoring has helped you with your business planning:

    • What happened?
    • What were you aiming to achieve?
    • What particular areas did you monitor and why?


    Give me an example as to when you have had to change your approach in the middle of a project or plan?

    • What was the situation?
    • How did you know you needed to make changes/alterations?
    • How did you use monitoring as a skill?





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