The next round of #MeetYourRecruiter will be taking place… TBC!


How it all started…


#MeetYourRecruiter week


After the success of this challenge on LinkedIn at the beginning of August 2021 we thought it was time to share the amazing results we achieved from it!

If you aren’t familiar with #MeetYourRecruiter week, it was a posting challenge hosted by Katharine Robinson with the Recruiting Gym over on LinkedIn where she provided a list of daily prompts, and joined us on the Daily Workout every day over a week to inspire us to share more personal posts online to better connect with our network and meet other individuals in the recruitment industry.

We had people participating from all around the world and it was great to get an insight into what other people’s lives look like from behind their profiles!


We saw such a variety of images and videos posted for each of these prompts as people interpreted it in their own way. 

There were individuals posting photos with their families, their work environments, their hobbies and interests – we’d have known nothing about these if the challenge hadn’t got them sharing! 


Here’s Rebecca Shannon in her element at the beach!
Peter Clark in his happy place at the top of Lake Louise ski hill in Canada!
Katharine Robinson in her snazzy birthday cake hat with her guinea pigs for the prompt ‘Celebrate’!

Now, down to the analytics of it all!

 We were astounded to see that our MD Angela Cripps achieved a 30% increase in profile visits by the end of the week. She’d shot up from 780 profile views (prior week) to 1060)

Her highest viewed post being ‘You’ which reached 14,310 Linkedin users!

Take a look at the page visitors that the Recruiting Gym received over the month of August!

The number of unique visitors to the page was up 328% based on the week before, this was solely down to #MeetYourRecruiter week and the use of the hashtag bringing in more traffic to our Linkedin page – we love that it looks like a crown!

Charlotte’s best performing post was ‘Celebrate’ which yielded 580 views, 20 likes and 4 comments.

Angela’s best performing post of ‘You’ saw an incredible 14,310 views, 109 likes and 72 comments!
(and it’s still going!)

Alan recieved an amazing 5,738 views, 102 likes and 29 comments for his ‘Celebrate’ post!

Although the challenge isn’t actively running at the moment, please feel free to join in and pick up on any of the prompts that you like the look of and get involved, we’re still checking the use of the hashtag and love seeing a surprise post pop up on our timelines, we see you!

The #MeetYourRecruiter week challenge part 2 is going to be kicking off again in December, starting on the 6th and continuing throughout the week until the 11thyou can view the event here.

Katharine will be releasing the prompts closer to the time so keep an eye out and in the meantime you can follow the hashtag and get involved with the previous prompts from earlier on in the year.

We can’t wait to see what you post!