Hello Recruiters!

My name is Blake, and I am the new Marketing Assistant at the Recruiting Gym. I’m writing this post to detail my first month working within the recruitment industry.

Despite only being 18, I joined the Recruiting Gym with 1 years’ experience in Retail and Customer Service, and 8 months working in a Marketing environment as an Apprentice.

Working with technology is a job I absolutely love due to the numerous opportunities it can bring. Outside of the workplace I run a ticket selling service for events such as football matches, concerts and more. This page has grown quickly and has proved to be a great portfolio example!

What surprised you the most about the industry? 

My first surprise was how influential LinkedIn has shown to be – this platform is huge for many industries especially recruitment.

One of my first targets with Recruiting Gym was to completely revamp my LinkedIn profile and reach 500 connections. I am so grateful that I was encouraged to improve my LinkedIn profile as having a strong presence is very useful future opportunities.

Another pleasant surprise has been how friendly and respectful the recruitment community are. From joining us on the Daily Workout to interacting on LinkedIn. I have only praise for the people I have come across. It’s amazing to see people coming together and helping one another in world that seems to have forgotten these values.

How did you begin to learn about recruitment? 

Starting in a new industry can be very overwhelming and confusing, and this was the case for me. If it wasn’t for the amazing support of Angela (the Recruiting Gym’s MD) and Charlotte (Marketing Executive) I’d still be trying to figure out the basics!

I’ve found that asking for help when it is needed and being honest, have been the most important factors of my quick progression. It can be intimidating to know so little when everyone around you knows so much, but if you’re in this position always remember that everyone started somewhere! A tip I would give is to use online resources, you may be given these by your employer but if not, the internet is just as useful. Luckily for me the Recruiting Gym website is full of informative courses that I could progress through at my own pace.

Finally, I must mention the amazing live sessions Recruiting Gym hold such as Ask the Coach and the Meet The Expert, listening and watching professionals and true veterans of recruitment can be beneficial in so many ways and I would recommend this to everyone!

I still have a lot to learn but I’m confident knowing that I’ll make progress thanks to the amazing resources accessible to me. If anyone is struggling with related issues, feel free to reach out!

What tasks have you done so far? 

My first large scale continuing task was to take control of the Daily Workout. This involves running the live stream every morning, designing the artwork, sharing links to information and resources as they’re mentioned, contacting guests, uploading the streams to our online course and creating the relevant ‘workouts’ for that day. This has improved my organisational skills as well as my time management.

I have also started the ‘Meet our Coaches’  TikTok campaign. In collaboration with our coaches, I have created videos to showcase the more relaxed side of our team. These videos can be seen at @recruitinggym on TikTok.

I’ve also spent lots of time networking and completing courses to expand my knowledge as I settle into my new role.

What’s next for you? 

Now that I have taken control of the Daily Workout, I’m looking to begin new projects. The first being our email marketing campaigns. I am looking forward to bringing my own creativity to this task and gaining some experience in a very important marketing sector. I will continue to help with social media and branch out to Facebook and begin a new campaign there.

I would just like to thank all of the Recruiting Gym team for making my transition into recruitment so simple and comfortable. You guys are the best.

Before you leave!

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