My name is Charlotte Crookes and I’m the new Marketing Executive for the Recruiting Gym! This is my first month in the Recruitment Industry.

I have a strong background in Sales and experienced a weird and wonderful 5 years in Retail. I was 20 when I was promoted to Assistant Manager and that job is ultimately what made me grow up faster than I’d thought possible. It taught me everything from customer service and utilising KPI’s effectively to managing a team of people with a hell of a lot of patience and compassion.

I also run my own food & wellness blog over on Instagram so Social Media management isn’t anything new to me… however Recruitment and the vast spectrum of job roles, titles and practices is!

You can imagine how fortunate I feel to be working for Angela Cripps as I begin my journey into the Recruitment Industry – she has been in the heart of the Recruitment Industry for over 30 years and a large portion of that has focussed on training and coaching – who better than Angela to show me how it’s done!?

At first glance I was fairly overwhelmed with all of this new information to soak in, I’d tried to map out how I was going to focus on my own job role which is the management of the Social Media side of things and supporting the coaches with their webinars and also get to grips with learning an entire new industry.

My calculations brought me to the conclusion that I needed to somehow get in touch with somebody who had the authority to add another 4 hours onto each day – that didn’t happen!”

 Thankfully, Angela being such a whizz with training set me up an extremely in-depth schedule straight away and planned out hour by hour what I should do with my days. This gave me plenty of structure and time to get stuck into Recruitment Industry research and build my network up on LinkedIn – connecting with the right people and reaching out to them with questions has been so beneficial to my learning process, as well as all the information I’m learning from Angela and everybody who works with the Recruiting Gym!

I’ve listened to industry experts on ‘Ask The Coach’, ‘Meet The Expert’ and ‘Success Stories’ which are the webinars that Angela runs over on Crowdcast. The guests have gone into such depth on topics I’d never have had the opportunity to learn about if I hadn’t started this job. To add to that I’ve also appeared on the ‘Daily Workout’ as a guest myself and had the questions fired my way. It’s been a crash-course of learning and development in the best sense possible!  

What next? 

After only 5 weeks I’m now at the stage where I’ve gotten to grips with a lot it and am starting to structure the days myself, the warm welcome and support I’ve received has contributed massively to the confident I’m feeling in myself and know for sure that this career change has been the best decision I’ve made in 2021!

#MeetYourRecruiter week

Meet GymCat! He was named by one of our fabulous Recruiting Gym members on the Daily Workout for #MeetYourRecruiter week. He’s become quite the icon and has made a few appearances over on our live webinars – have you seen him on screen yet?

If you’d like to get involved in the next #MeetYourRecruiter week challenge, stay tuned on the Daily Workout over the coming months and in the meantime you can head over to LinkedIn and follow the hashtag to get some inspiration from past posts!