4 Technologies That Can Aid The Recruitment Process



If you’ve found it difficult in the recruitment industry to get new hires before, the task is undoubtedly doubly difficult now. The BBC notes that last year’s Great Resignation has morphed into a candidate-led job market. As a result, businesses in many industries are now battling it out in the war for worker talent.

Your business might be one of them. Candidates now hold most of the negotiating power, so it’s become more necessary for businesses to streamline their recruitment processes and keep their attention. This is easier said than done, especially if you have multiple vacancies that need to be filled.

That’s why recruitment strategist LHH lauds new technologies as essential in recruiting your talent. They can help you get to know candidates better and nab them before your competitors do. However, you might be wondering exactly which technologies can aid the recruitment process to this end. We discuss a few of them below.

Online job boards

Career resource site The Balance Careers found that the majority of businesses use networking as their main pipeline to source candidates. However, this is a manual process that may see you spending too much time finding candidates instead of focusing on other aspects of recruitment. Online job boards and aggregators can help by automating the process. Sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn act as mini-search engines for job postings. By advertising your organisation’s vacant positions on these sites, you let candidates come to you — and you don’t need to spend most of your time in search of them.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) for recruiters

It makes sense to focus on more qualified individuals when juggling multiple candidates. However, failing to give other candidates closure can actually damage your company’s reputation. Due to the feedback mechanisms provided by online job boards, this can further discourage future candidates from applying for any jobs you offer in the future. An automated ATS can keep track of all your candidates and pinpoint where they are in the recruitment process, so you can streamline your tasks while increasing the retention rate of new hires. Today, there are multiple ATS vendors that cater to different organisations’ needs — so consider using our Rectec Compare tool to find the right software for you.

HR Analytics in recruitment

Another thing Big Data can help you with is improving your recruitment process in preparation for your future hiring needs. Due to its extensive influence in an organisation, HR is one department that constantly generates data. Information Age even notes that a person creates over 1.7 MB per second.

HR analytics tools can use this data to generate insights on how effective and efficient your recruitment operations are on the whole. You may learn that some recruitment pipelines work better for you than others, or that candidates with certain qualities thrive better in your organisation. You’ll ultimately be able to make improvements that will attract better talent down the line. Due to major shifts caused by the Great Resignation, recruiting great candidates is more challenging than ever. With technology by your side, though, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Predictive Recruitment

Big Data can play a big part in aiding the recruitment process. Instead of manually

browsing through the CVs or résumés of candidates sourced through networking and online job boards or aggregators, you can simply feed predictive recruitment software with information on the job role you’re offering and the skill set it requires. Predictive recruitment tools can then pick out the best candidates you can work on onboarding into new hires — not just in terms of their qualifications, but also in consideration of how well their advertised qualities will help them fit into your organisation as a whole.


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