Launching the Recruiting Gym has been fantastic on many levels.  First, it is possible to deliver engaging training online.  Second,  I am able to help more people at their moment of need.

Yet there have been challenges. As a solo startup, I am stretched thin having to balance, selling your service with delivering your service and running the back end of the business.

This is why growing the Recruiting Gym’s coaching staff and operations teams is a priority.   More coaches mean we can support more Recruiters we can support.  The more people we have in operations, the more time I have to develop content for our members.

Which is why today is such a great day for the customers of the Recruiting Gym.

Today Paul Dewick joins the Recruiting Gym as a Learning and Performance Champion.   Paul will be leading our customer outreach efforts. Working to expand the Recruiting industry’s awareness of the Recruiting Gym’s services.   Alongside, this Paul will be a Coach in the Recruiting Gym, helping start-ups get up to speed

Paul has been in the Recruitment industry for over 14 years.  For the last 7 years, he has been helping SME recruitment companies finance and manage their contractor businesses.   The key to Boomerang’s success was not the funding they provided, but Paul’s approach to helping business owners navigate the complexities and legalities of running a contract business.

It is Paul’s desire to help the organisations he works with succeed that makes Paul such a great fit for the Recruiting Gym.   Whilst the Recruiting Gym provides training. Our true goal is to help Recruiters, Managers and Business Owners achieve their performance goals.  Supporting them through the ups and downs that come with working in Recruitment.

So, welcome on-board Paul, it is great to have you as part of our team.