Culture is everything

The recruitment industry can be a challenging place to work a desk or run a business. 

But finding a safe space to share ideas, challenges and aspirations is even harder. 

That’s why we created the Recruiting Gym.  We want to create an inclusive environment where recruiters and leaders can share their goals as well as seek support through difficult situations.  

This is not the place for inter-agency rivalry or one-upmanship.  If you are looking to boast, outshine everyone else or put others down, then the gym is not the place for you.  

We actively moderate the community and coach our members to ensure that the Recruiting Gym is a place where recruiters and leaders of all levels and experience can find honesty,  critical encouragement and support. 

Below you’ll find an overview of the values and policies that are central to the Recruiting Gym’s culture. Let’s workout 

All members are expected to live and uphold the Recruiting Gym’s core values.

Our values

We’re inclusive

  • In any community, there will always be a range of personalities, capabilities and ambition.  The gym is not a place where there is a hierarchy based on billing or size of team. The Recruiting Gym is a place where all are welcome and treated equally.

We’re supportive

  • One person’s challenge may seem trivial to others, but very real to them. The Recruiting Gym is a place where Recruiters and Recruiting leaders come to find answers to the challenging questions or situations they face. Members should focus on providing critical encouragement and support to help others overcome challenges.

We’re solution orientated

  • The Recruiting Gyis a place for those who want to learn, collaborate and improve their performance. Bad things happen in business, but the gym is not a place for dwelling on bad luck or misfortune. It is a place where leaders come to seek the wisdom of the crowd and improve their outlooks.

We’re confidential

  • What’s said in the Recruiting Gym stays in the gym. Our collective success rests on the willingness of our members to share challenges and provide wisdom and guidance. Confidentiality is a key part of creating an environment where members are willing to share and contribute. Confidentiality also goes both ways – members should not share anything that would be deemed commerciallysensitive or breaking confidence with anyone in their team or business.

We’re member-led

  • We exist to help our members succeed. Our livecasts, videos and training tools are based on the needs of the membership. Just ask the gym coaches a question and we will aim to provide an answer – whether that’s a blog, video or livestream to get you the info you need! 

Policies and guidelines

Posting Policy

When you post or comment in the Recruiting Gym,

Be respectful. Disagreement and debate are important parts of exploring ideas and finding solutions. One size rarely fits all. Yet all posts should be respectful of individual differences and considerate of others feelings.

Be the spark. If you have a question and cannot find an answer, start a discussion. We love it when members post their challenges or thoughts to encourage discussion and debate.

Be specific. Always and never are rarely that  there are always exceptions. When sharing suggestions or challenges, be as specific as possible about the situation or circumstances. It is often in these nuances where the gems of revelation lie.

Give first. “If you give you shall receive” someone once wrote.  The same goes in the Recruiting Gym.  By freely sharing your own advice and thoughts you will unlock the wisdom of the crowd.  You are welcome to share details of webinars and content that you feel others may benefit from – keeping in mind there’s a difference in value-driven content versus a sales pitch. Please see solicitation guidelines. 

Sales Policy

There is a notable difference between sharing and contributing versus selling and pitching. 

We define selling as the direct approach of another member with the express aim of promoting a product or service with little or no previous relationship. 

This includes: 

  • Direct messaging of members inside or outside of the Recruiting Gym to promote an offer (free or paid) 
  • Adding members to an email list for which they did not subscribe 
  • Using other social media platforms to target individuals for an offer 

To those that do have a product to sell, there are plenty of opportunities to share your work or your resources by initiating discussions and contributing to helping other members with their questions and challenges. 

If you have doubts on what is allowed – don’t post! Contact us instead. We are happy to provide guidance. 

***Are you an industry supplier? We’d love to have you come workout with us, but do contact Alex before signing up as a member.*** 

Report your concerns: If you feel that you are being chased by a member who is trying to sell you something, please email

Headhunting Policy

Trust sits at the heart of the Recruiting Gym community. Headhunting other members from within the community breaks this trust. 

HEADHUNTING MEMBERS inside or outside our forum is therefore strictly prohibited and will result in removal from the group. 

This means: 

  • Recto-recs, this is not a hunting ground. Please contribute positively or leave. 
  • CEOs and directors, this is not the place to come and look for your next hire. 
  • Internal recruiters, please do not headhunt at the request of your managerit will result in them being removed from the group along with you. 

The Recruiting Gym is about positivity, so it makes us sad to have to write this as we want to think the best of the industry as a whole. But we want our members to come to share and learn – not to recruit!  

If you feel that you have been impacted by headhunting activity, please email

Sponsorship and Partnership Policy

We anticipate there will be Industry suppliers that want to partner with the Recruiting Gym through sponsorship, discount offers to members or referral fees. Our commitment to our membership is that:  

  • We will never share your personal details with suppliers 
  • Sponsorship is kept to a minimum; we are a membership-driven organisation 
  • All suppliers within the community commit to living by the values and the policies of the community 
  • Suppliers need to be committed to adding value to the community by sharing their experiences and insights 
  • We will openly state if we are receiving any referral payment for promoting a product 

If you feel we are breaching these commitments, please email

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions about our values or policies, please contact us. These policies will evolve over time as situations and circumstances require us to pivot direction.  If you have an idea for how we can evolve our policies, contact us or email

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