Building A 360 Contract Desk

An 8 week course for contract consultants who are new to recruitment or looking to develop their own 360 consistent billing contract desk. This course will give consultants the skills and proven strategies on how to map their market to find the best clients and candidates, how to win business now through market intelligence and how to build pipeline business through proactive business development.

1 Day - Classroom

8 Webinars

40 Videos and Exercises

60 Days - Coach Q&A

Having trained thousands of contract Recruiters, we know that developing a 360 cold contract desk can be a challenge.

We specialise in helping Recruiters not only develop the skills and strategies to succeed at contract recruitment, but also the confidence and mindset of what good looks like when growing your desk into a revenue generating business.

We take a reactive and proactive approach to winning business today, building pipeline business for the future, the importance of building long term relationships with both active and inactive candidates, as well as taking quality job specs and having a contractor care policy.

Why Do New Consultants Struggle to Grow a Successful Contract Desk?

Course Outline

Week 1: Strategy

This week we will focus on why working a niche will benefit you. We cover topics such as:

  • Understanding your target market
  • What is a niche?
  • How niche influences your approach to building a desk
  • Why a geographical focus is key to scaling
  • Why clients hire contractors and what they get paid
  • Industry sectors they work in
  • Who are your competitors

Task: Weekly Contract Challenge

Week 2: Candidates

This week we focus on finding the right candidates. How to have the right conversations to get them engaged, how to qualify them for future roles and the importance of adding quality data under the candidate record. We cover topics such as:

  • Finding the best relevant candidates
  • Engaging candidates in conversation
  • Basic candidate qualification
  • What data to add under candidate records.

Task: Weekly Contract Challenge

Week 3: Mapping Your Market

This week is focused on mapping your market via conversations with both active and passive candidates, gaining market intelligence (leads) on who is hiring now, finding hiring managers names and handling candidates objections when getting information. We cover topics such as:

  • Interviewing thoroughly in order to build strong relationships with both active and passive candidates
  • Leveraging candidates to generate job leads and gather market intelligence
  • Techniques for getting full job leads and hiring managers names
  • Handling candidate objections with feature benefits when gathering leads and market intelligence.

Task: Weekly Contract Challenge

Week 4: Converting Live Job Leads

This week we are focusing on how to map the live job leads you have found and how you can engage with the hiring managers. We cover topics such as:

  • Lead conversation process
  • Techniques to find the hiring managers names
  • Best techniques to approach the manager to convert leads
  • Handling clients objections giving you the opportunity to work the role

Task: Weekly Contract Challenge

Week 5: Proactive Business Development

This week is focused on making proactive business development calls to all the managers that you have found from speaking to candidates. We cover topics such as:

  • What are the multiple objectives of your BD call
  • Different introductions to get your client interested in talking to you
  • Taking candidate references and flipping into a BD call
  • Fact finding, what is the information you want to find out using the right questioning techniques. 
  • Selling your recruitment solution, your company and your individual USPs
  • Closing the call out with agreed action with client

Task: Weekly Contract Challenge

Week 6: Taking A Job Spec

This week we are focused on taking a quality job spec. This session will focus on how to prioritise vacancies.

  • Know how to get the most out of the conversation using a call structure
  • How to ask the right questions to establish if there is a real need and urgency
  • Know how to use that need/urgency to sell back to client to get commitment
  • How to sell pre-arranged interview slots and working interviews
  • How to close call and agree next steps

Task: Weekly Contract Challenge

Week 7: Margin & Rate Negotiation

This week we will cover how to negotiate a good margin with both client and contractor, why this is so important and when to start the negotiation process.

  • Know how to work out the margin rather than the mark up
  • When to start the negotiation process with both client and candidate
  • Techniques in getting clients to pay more and candidates to take less
  • How to pre-close on rate with both client and candidate before offer

Task: Weekly Contract Challenge

Week 8: Contractor Care Policy

This week we will cover the importance of looking after your contractors, what the benefits are of doing this and the negative consequences to your business if you don’t.

  • What are the objectives of having a contractor care policy
  • Know how to build out a contractor care policy
  • Know what you want in it and when to action
  • How to get feedback from your contractors and get testimonials and recommended candidates and managers

Task: Weekly Contract Challenge

Russell Munday

Contract Recruitment Coach

I have 24 years contract recruitment experience. I have trained and developed new talent successfully and my major achievement is having the second most profitable office within S3 for two years, helping to carve out and shape regional contract divisions. 


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