Meet Jon, your Coach

I help recruiters to improve their prices and negotiation by using successful models from other industries. I’ve been in recruitment for over 15 years, including four years as Head of Pricing at Reed Recruitment.

People rarely value what they do, so I enjoy helping them understand what clients are willing to pay for and getting a fair price for the work they do.

3 problems I can solve:

Increasing your fees without losing clients

Most recruiters underprice the work they do for their clients. Increasing your fees can make a huge impact on revenue and profit, but getting it wrong can put relationships at risk. Finding the right approach to get clients to want to pay you more is key.

Getting clients to value your services

Most business leaders say their employees are their most important asset. So recruiters should be highly valued…but that’s often not the case. Communicating the value you add in a way that clients understand is a critical skill.

Negotiating effectively with senior decision makers

You want to be working with top people – but that can mean negotiating with the best. It’s important to have confidence in your approach, and know how to turn a difficult negotiation into a win-win agreement.

3 questions I like being asked:

How can I get paid more for what I do?

What do I say when a client tells me to match a competitor’s rate?

“How can I add more value for my clients?”

My training courses

The Principles of Pricing

In this course, we explore how you create value for your clients, how you communicate this, and how you capture that value.
We take successful pricing strategies from other industries and show you how you can apply them to your business.