Meet Kate, your Coach

Hi, I’m Kate, a Recruitment Trainer and DISC accredited Coach. I’ve been in the industry for over 9 years with experience as a Consultant, Manager and now Educator. I work with recruitment professionals to help unlock their full potential and arm them with the knowledge they need to succeed at their role.

My DISC training helps individuals understand themselves at a deeper level and work more cohesively with their candidates, clients and colleagues. By gaining an understanding of your behaviours, we can work together to utilise your strengths and work around any challenges.  

If you’re a Manager, I can work with you to decode your team to make the everyday interactions with the people you manage a lot easier, enabling you to get the best out them.

3 problems I can solve:

Training trainees

Bringing fresh blood into the industry is a great option when you’re experiencing a lack of experienced talent, but they need to be trained…they’re called trainees after all! I help agencies get their new hires up to speed quickly so they have the right knowledge, appropriate habits and developed skills and behaviours to be fantastic recruiters.

Difficulties with working from home

Covid has introduced our industry to a whole new way of working and it’s not going to change. Working from home and hybrid working has become the norm, but it’s not as easy as people think. I help consultants adapt to the change in an environment allowing them to work successfully from home, but most importantly enjoy it

Deeper understanding of you and your team

Every agency is made up of different personalities and individuals communicate differently, are motivated by different things and experience different challenges to one another. It can be difficult to work each person out, so I help by using DISC profiling to give managers and consultants a much deeper understanding of themselves and each other.

3 questions I like being asked:

“How can I get the most out of my team?”

” What is DISC?”

” Can hiring trainees really benefit my agency?”

My training:

Understanding DISC Profiling 

People are different, but they’re predictably different. This course will give you a better understanding of the DISC behavioural model, but also the different profiles and what behaviours people tend to have.