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 A 12 month program that helps Leaders and Managers get the right mindset, sales process, and a motivated teams to thrive in good times and bad.  

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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world.   Clients, Candidates and Recruiters are all having to work out a new way of working.  Many recruitment leaders, they are looking for ways to navigate these challenges to keep placement numbers high and motivating their team.

The Recruiting Gym’s Leadership and Management program offers recruitment leaders a chance to participate in a structured learning and development plan with a unique blend of online learning, and invaluable access to a leadership coach to help with your day to day leadership challenges.

Offered across a 12-month program, this is a great opportunity for recruitment leaders and billing managers to access industry-leading training that is flexible, on-demand and tailored to your needs.  

Theory alone cannot help a manager succeed.  Everything we do is taught in the context of operational topics or market challenges that Leaders and Managers will have to navigate to succeed in these challenging times.  

Issues That Cause Leaders and Managers To Fail:

Our 5 Key Areas of Leadership Competency

Leadership Mindset & Approach

You are the most important component of your team.  We help you develop the right leadership mindset to help you manage your time, adapt your communication style to different types of people and many other key skills of a leader.

Developing Individuals

Every team member has individual needs. We help you learn how to coach, motivate your team members and manage stress levels to achieve their full potential and their goals. 

Building Successful Teams

Create a high-performance culture. We help you create a team vision, your value proposition, hire the right staff, onboard them and ensure new consultants achieve success quickly

Sales Process & Best Practice

Know your team are doing the right things when you are not there – we help you build structure and best practice into your day to day sales operations to ensure your team do the right things whether you are in the office or working remotely.

Business & Operational Planning

Plan to succeed & recognise your successes – build a financial and operational plan that connects financial performance with pipeline targets and activity metrics and ratios. We help you gain buy in from your team and get them to take ownership of their success


We do not mind whether you are excited to find out more or curious to ask more questions to decide whether this program may
be right for you.

Just book a time to discuss with us what you are looking to get from a leadership and management program.   We can then assess whether tihs is the right program is for you.   If it is great!  If not we might be able to point you in the right direction.

Course Outline

Weeks 1 - 6

This part of the program will bring you up to speed on our approach to  Leadership and Management.  We also help you with some quick wins to get you and your team working better together. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Week 1: What is the job of a Recruitment Leader
  • Week 2: Mindset of a Successful Leader
  • Week 3: Balancing Billing, Managing & Running A Business
  • Week 4: Managing and Motivating Individuals
  • Week 5: Components of a Successful Team
  • Week 6: Learning to Love Best Practice

Weeks 6 - 52

This part of the program we have a fortnightly focus around an operational focus area (i.e business development) and soft skill (i.e coaching).  Our topics are planned 6 weeks in advance and tailored to market conditions and the group’s needs.    

The Fortnightly Schedule Involves:

  • 30 minutes of online learning (video/reading/Listening)
  • A 30-minute webinar on topic with Q&A
  • Management challenge/exercises
  • Online Q&A with a coach in private on-line group

Angela Cripps

Leadership Coach

I support and coach leaders of all levels and experience all over the world. I am a qualified coach and have over 30 years in the recruitment industry. 

Alex Moyle

Leadership Coach

I have trained thousands of consultants and hundreds of managers.   My goal is to help you balance the pressures of managing a team and maintaining your own billings

Topics Covered By Area of Competency

Leadership Mindset & Approach

These are the topics that we cover during the 12-month program to help Leaders and Managers be the best leader they can be. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Understanding your leadership proposition
  • Defining your job description and targets
  • Characteristics of great leaders
  • Setting expectations and raising the bar of expectations
  • Adapting your leadership style for different personalities
  • Role-modelling and leading by example
  • Managing your own mental health through change.

Developing Individuals

These are the topics that we cover during the 12-month program to help Leaders and Managers be the best leader they can be at developing individuals in their team. 

Topics Covered: 

  • How to encourage self-motivation
  • Adapting leadership style to each individual
  • Getting more from a top performer
  • Performance Management
  • Managing  and Motivating underperforming Consultants
  • Motivational 1-2-1 meetings
  • Understanding personal values
  • Using KPI’s to increase motivation levels
  • At desk coaching strategies to train on the go
  • Advanced coaching strategies (GROW & Situational Leadership)
  • Writing & delivering training team sessions
  • Managing lone wolves and mavericks
  • Managing conflict and difficult situations
  • Delegating tasks for individual development

Building Successful Teams

These are the topics that we cover during the 12-month program to help Leaders and Managers be the best they can be at buildling successful teams. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Creating a team service & value proposition
  • The winning team mentality
  • Running motivational Team meetings
  • Implementing a customer-centric mindset
  • Creating a team vision & purpose
  • Creating a collaborative team culture
  • Getting buy in to team goals and operational focus
  • Planning and running team training sessions
  • New Consultant productivity
  • How to manage remotely
  • Motivating teams in a recession/down market
  • How to attract the best recruiters
  • Creating a peer to peer learning environment
  • Using your CRM to drive performance

Sales Process & Best Practice

These are the topics that we cover during the 12-month program to help Leaders and Managers be the best leader they can be at hitting target month in month out

Topics Covered: 

  • Defining and implementing best practice in your team
  • How to place more of your sourced candidates
  • Using candidates to drive business development activity
  • Account expansion strategies
  • Winning more business from internal recruitment teams
  • Increasing fill ratios through effort prioritisation
  • Managing placement risk & sales pipeline
  • Find & convert more leads
  • Nurture stronger relationships with target clients
  • Profiling clients for a stronger pipeline
  • Candidate Care Plans

Business & Operational Planning

These are the topics that we cover during the 12-month program to help Leaders and Managers be the best they can be at growing a successful business.    

Topics Covered: 

  • Components of a business plan
  • Longer-term planning and strategies
  • Understanding monthly management accounts – P & Ls
  • SWOT & PESTLE analysis to assess the state of your market and business
  • Implementing a pricing strategy
  • Using metrics to drive decision making
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Monthly business planning meeting with your Director
  • How to choose a new market niche
  • How to segment your team & market as you grow
  • Finding new service lines outside of Recruiting
  • Competitor knowledge
  • 6 month onboarding programs

“I received the management training from Alex at the perfect point in my career.  Alex’s real-life experience and practical content backed up by coaching, role plays, usable templates and systems was the most comprehensive training I’ve ever received.  It has been one of the defining factors in my management career and since completing the program I’ve experienced year on year earnings growth and had two promotions going from managing a team of 4 to a team of 40.  Thanks, Alex.”.

Dan Waltham

Associate Director, Fourthline Recruitment


We do not mind whether you are excited to find out more, curious to ask more questions about what the program involves.

Just contact us and we would love to learn more about how you want to improve the performance of your team.

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