Meet Lisa, your Recruitment Marketing Coach

Lisa is the Founder and Director of Barclay Jones – her team specialises in recruitment and marketing training to improve speed and pipeline.

She is a training, recruitment tech, and marketing geek. She gets a real kick out of improving recruitment and marketing workflows through systems and common sense.

Helping recruiters and marketers to generate phone and face time has been a mission of hers since the early 2000s.

(And she loves to swim, cycle and run – sometimes at the same time!)

3 problems I can solve:

Mentoring Marketers to be more sales-led

Generating the 4Cs – Candidates, clients, colleagues, and cash, from recruitment marketing

Generating real value from data and recruitment systems

3 questions I like being asked:

“How can I help my recruiters improve speed and pipeline through data, systems, and marketing?”

“How can I link sales and marketing together to create a more sustainable recruitment business?”

“How can I generate candidates, clients, colleagues, and cash from recruitment marketing?”

My training courses

The Best Job Adverts

What results do you get from your Job Adverts?
Are they helping or hindering you?

Barclay Jones’ 5-part job adverts course will talk you through the most creative and effective way to attract relevant candidates from your Job Adverts, as well as some sales tips to help you improve your pipeline.

We have similar desires for recruitment – we both want it to evolve.  My ambition for Search was for it to stand out and be more competitive, in a recruitment market where everyone has the same USPs.

Lisa has helped me move from tactics to strategy, and to generate buy-in.  She has been a big part of mine, my team’s development, and Search’s journey.

Lisa worked with my team and I for over 10 years, on projects from recruitment training, and moved through the arc to more of a strategic sales-led marketing proposition.  We’ve worked on how we can help recruiters work on their own personal brands and sales processes, along to mentoring my team to be more commercially focused. 

It’s refreshing to work with Lisa.  It’s always clear what you are getting, it’s value, and she always delivers what she promises.

My advice: get Lisa’s help if you are struggling to get leaders to see value of marketing, or indeed you are a leader who is not getting value from marketing.

3 words to describe Lisa and Barclay Jones? Fun, drive, delivery.

Janine Owen

Managing Director, Search Consultancy