#MeetYourRecruiter – How to Deal with Rejection


#MeetYourRecruiter is a LinkedIn posting challenge. It’s about re-introducing yourself to your network, helping your connections get to know you better, and building good posting habits.

Posting consistently can help increase your visibility on LinkedIn. During our #MeetYourRecruiter challenge weeks, we take a look at how many people have viewed our profile in the past 90 days, and then compare numbers at the end of this week – the results are drastic!

Katharine Robinson supplies a list of prompts for the week to guide and inspire you to share a link/photo/video/a piece of text (whatever you want!) relating to that prompt – we’ve taken data from our Valentine’s themed week from February 2023, and built an eBook packed full of advice from recruiters all over the world on how to deal with rejection after a job application or interview.

Please enjoy and share with somebody who would find this useful!


How To Deal with Rejection by Charlotte Crookes

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