Practical Business Development Skills

A one day course designed to help Recruiters who want to improve thier confidence and capability to perform proactive Business Development activities.   During the day we help Recruiters use the phone and email to initiate, warmup and nurture client and candidate relationships.   The day involves extensive role-plays,  live business development activities. 

1 Day - Classroom

Extensive Role-Plays

Live Phone Sessions

To succeed in today’s market Recruiters need to master the written word and the spoken word.  Yet many Recruiters fear using the phone and use email to inform vs influence. 

This leaves thousands of Recruiters unable to proactively influence clients or candidates and lacking the abiltiy to directly affect their success. 

This one day course is designed to help Recruiters initiate and nurture relationships using email and the phone to their maximum potential.  

Be warned:  This day involves extensive role-plays and live phone / email business development activities

Why Recruiters Fear Business Development Activities


Key Questions This Course Will Answer

    • How can I use email to warm up cold relationships?
    • How do I to plan an initial approach to a client over email and phone?
    • What information should I am to get from a phone call? 
    • How do I overcome objections and not take them personally?
    • How do I follow up after a successful phone / email enagement?
    • What should be in my weekly business development plan? 

    Alex Moyle

    Business Development Coach

    “My main drive is to help Recruiters feel good about using email and the phone as business development tools.  I do this by helping Recruiters focus on building long term relationships with clients and candidate opposed to quick wins. 

    I have trained thousands of Recruiters to feel more confident in using the phone to initiate and build successful client and candidate relationships. 

    I look forward to seeing you on the course.”


    “Beth is loving the Business Fundamentals Course. She was like a rabbit in the headlights week one but now she’s embracing it. She’s getting support from myself and manager on the weekly challenges and she’s realising she’s capable of more than she imagined”.

    Clare Wight

    Managing Director, Clarity Appointments

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