You need more than ideas from participating in a course or being part of a group. 

Our approach to learning ensures every course attendee or group member leaves gains an understanding of what they need to do,  why they need to do it and how to implement the learnings from the course or group at the desk. 

We use a unique approach to learning called I.C.E Learning.   

This blended approach ensures that course attendees or group members learn how to take new ideas, understand how those ideas apply in thier business and get a chance to practice the ideas they are learning.

Ideas to Consider

Ideas are tools, tactics or approaches that individuals can use to improve the performance of the business.   We take ideas from all our years in Recruiting and teh best ideas from across the Service sector to help improve sales performance

Conversation for Context

Ideas are great, but only through conversation can you take an idea and apply it to your own individual situation.  Whether training face to face or online we prioritise conversation with coaches and peers to aid understanding and implementation

Exercise to Embed

Practice is a key part of turn a goal in to a reality.  Every thing we do is focused on helping learners apply the tools, tacticas and techniques they have learned in to real world performance. 

Billing Manager Mastery

The hardest job in recruitment, billing management and its relentless demands on both personal and team performance can make or break a recruitment leader – and a business!

Our five month programme helps managers not only develop the right mindset, it also helps them coach, mentor and performance manage their team.  Most importantly, our program is built around a structured best practice framework that is proven to build high performing teams.


Business Development Fundamentals


Business development in recruitment has a bad reputation. This means many Recruiter fear being asked to do “business development”, even though they know it will impact their long term success. 


Our 12 weeks course will transform a Recruiters mindset towards business development.  Whilst also equiping them with the skills and strategies to pick up new business whilst they are participating on the course and beyond 

Candidate Sourcing & Engagement

If you cannot source and engage Candidates you cannot be a successful Recruiter.  

But sourcing has never been a more challenging skill to learn. The range of skills a new Recruiter needs to master is mindblowing.  Mining the internet for names, writing engaging messages, screening candidates, and building a relationship that survives the ups and downs of a placement process. 

The 8 week  course is packed with practical strategies and exercises to help Recruiters contribute to the teams performance from month one.