You need more than ideas from participating in a course or being part of a group. 

Our approach to learning ensures every course attendee or group member leaves gains an understanding of what they need to do,  why they need to do it and how to implement the learnings from the course or group at the desk. 

We use a unique approach to learning called I.C.E Learning.   

This blended approach ensures that course attendees or group members learn how to take new ideas, understand how those ideas apply in thier business and get a chance to practice the ideas they are learning.

Ideas to Consider

Ideas are tools, tactics or approaches that individuals can use to improve the performance of the business. We combine ideas gained in both recruiting and the wider service sector to improve sales performance.

Conversation for Context

Ideas are great, but only through conversation can you take an idea and apply it to your own individual situation. Whether training face-to-face or online we prioritise conversation with coaches and peers to aid understanding and implementation.

Exercise to Embed

Practice is a key part of turn a goal into a reality. Everything we do is focused on helping learners apply the tools, tactics and techniques they have learned into real world performance.

360 Recruiter Daily Workout

This is a rolling 12 month course that provides 360 recruiters with the mindset, sales process and support to achieve their goals. The course is structured by…

  • 2 weekly webinars
  • 3 weekly bitesized workouts 
  • 365 days coach Q&A
  • 200+ videos


Leadership and Management Program

A 12-month program that helps Leaders and Managers get the right mindset, sales process and a motivated team to smash their targets. This program is for….

  • New managers with a team of 1-5 people 
  • Managers with underperforming teams
  • Directors with underperforming teams
  • Business Owners looking to scale

Business Development Fundamentals, Alex Moyle

A 10 week course for Consultants who are new to business development.  The course will give Consultants a proven strategy to find, nurture and win new business, whilst giving them the mindset, confidence and skills to build lasting relationships with clients.   This course is for consultants who….

  • Are new to business development
  • Are not seeing success from activity
  • Soon to transition from a Resourcer role

Managing Stress & Mental Health, Clare Davis

A one day course designed to help managers address mental health and stress within their teams. This course is for leaders who….

  • Want to feel equipped to deal with mental health conversations
  • Work in organisations where there are high performance expectations or organisational change
  • Have recruiters in their team who have highlighted an existing mental health issue
  • Have recruiters in their team whose performance fluctuates based on their levels of motivation

Business Planning for Success, Angela Cripps

A 5 week course for those who are looking to move up to the next level in their performance.  The course will give you a proven strategy to plan, analyse and strategise your desks to achieve consistency in your future success, whilst giving you the tools, knowledge and skills to build a business plan that works. This course is for recruiters who….

  • Have at least 2 years experience
  • Have inconsistency in their billings
  • Lack experience in business planning

Candidate Sourcing & Engagement, Katharine Robinson

An 8 week course that helps Recruiters learn and implement the core skills needed to successfully find and engage candidates.  Building relationships of influence with candidates sits at the heart of our course. Importantly for our clients we focus on getting Recruiters off email and on the phone. This course is for consultants who….

  • Are new to candidate attraction
  • Who find it difficult to engage candidates
  • Who have candidate ghost them or turn down offers

Improving Business Development Culture, Alex Moyle

A 1 day course to help leaders improve their teams approach to business development. Win more new clients, retain more cleints and get more from existing clients. This course is for leaders who want to….

  • Improve the level of proactive business development activity in their teams
  • Increase flow of new clients into business
  • Feel more confident in motivating consultants to perform business development activity
  • Increase the retention and share of wallet of exisiting clients

Coaching For Performance, Alex Moyle

A 1 day course to help leaders improve their ability to coach and improve their teams performance. This course is for leaders who want to….

  • Reduice the number of questions they get from new consultants
  • Improve performance level of experienced consultants 
  • Feel more confident when addressing underperformance 
  • Get more buy in from the team when improving best practices

Communication For Performance: Leaders, Ruth Forster

A 4 hour workshop to help leaders understand more about their communication style and how to adapy their style to different personalities within their team. This course is for leaders who want to….

  • Understand their own communication style and how it impacts their team
  • Succeed in managing a wider range of personality types 
  • Imprve their confidence in addressing underperformance
  • Run more motivational 1-2-1 meetings
  • Inspire experienced consultants to achieve more


We don’t mind whether you are excited to find out more or curious to ask more questions to decide whether any of our training courses may be right for you & your team.

Just book a time to discuss with us what you are looking for and we can assess, or explore how we can tailor our training to your specific needs. If we’re a fit, then great!  If not, we might be able to point you in the right direction.