Billing Manager Mastery

A  5 month course that helps Billing Managers get the right mindset, sales process, and a motivated teams to smash thier targets. 

3 Days - Classroom

10 Hours - Webinars

150 Days - Coach Q&A

The Billing Manager role is the hardest and most important role in a Recruitment business.

Billing managers live in a perpetual paradox.   Their billings are still critical to team performance,  but business growth depends on higher levels of performance from their team.   

The reason why so many Managers fail to achieve their potential, or worse still burn out and return to billing is that they cannot balance two very different competing demands placed upon them


Issues That Cause Billing Managers To Fail: 


We do not mind whether you are excited to find out more or curious to ask more questions to decide whether this course may
be right for you. 

Just book a time to discuss with us what you are looking to get from a leadership and management course.   We can then assess whether tihs is the right course for you.   If it is great!  If not we might be able to point you in the right direction. 

Course Outline

Month 1: Mindset Of A Billing Manager

This part of the course will help Billing Managers understand how to build high performing teams,  their role as a manager and balance the demands billing and managing. 

Topics Covered: 

  • Components of a high performing team
  • Responsibilities and Behaviours of a Billing Manager
  • Selling not Telling as a Manager
  • How to balance billing and managing
  • Using structure to improve time management
  • How KPI’s can be a positive tool when managing team performance
  • Using weekly 1-2-1 meetings to increase motivation and team performance
  • How to give and receive feedback to improve consultant performance

Month 2: Becoming a Performance Coach

This part of the course will help Billing Managers learn how to be a better coach at a desk and in meetings.   

Topics Covered: 

  • What is coaching and why is it key to a Billing Managers success
  • Using the Skill / Will Matrix to aid adaptability of leadership style
  • How to hold consultants accountable for daily activity 
  • Using individual motivators to drive individual behaviour
  • Learn how people learn to improve the effectiveness of coaching conversations
  • Coaching techniques to run motivational review meeting
  • 8 practical ways to coach consultants whilst at the desk. 

Month 3: Creating A Positive Business Development Culture

This part of the course will help Billing Managers understand how to encourage consultants to see business development as a positive activity that contributes to billing and career success.  

Topics Covered: 

  • Defining target markets and specialisations to target
  • How to support consultants identifying, organising and qualifying target clients
  • Improving lead management to improve Business Development effectiveness.
  • How to address business development reluctance
  • How to inspire higher levels of business development activity
  • How KPI’s can be a positive tool when managing business development activity
  • Creating a land and expand strategy to maximise share of wallet.
  • Engaging with talent acquisition / HR teams to secure more business

Month 4: Filling More Jobs Faster

This part of the course will help Billing Managers improve their teams fill ratio and convert more of the team’s hard work into fees.   

Topics Covered: 

  • How to increase control and influence at the briefing stage. 
  • Managing and prioritising consultant sourcing effort to maximise full ratio
  • How to improve the teams CV sent to interview ratio
  • Managing and mitigating candidate and client placement risk
  • Understanding and delivering a clear value proposition
  • Implementing a robust pricing and fee negotiation strategy

Month 5: Situational Leadership Challenges

This part of the course will help managers apply all components of the course in a range of situations they will encounter.   

Example Situations: 

  • Managing underperformance of an experienced consultant
  • Conflict or uncollaborative behaviour between team members
  • High potential consultant losing their recruiting ‘Mojo’
  • Inconsistent team billings
  • Experiencing low fill ratio when working through internal recruiting teams. 

Alex Moyle

Leadership Coach

I have trained thousands of consultants and hundreds of managers.   My goal is to help you balance the pressures of managing a team and maintaining your own billings

“I received the management training for Alex at the perfect point in my career.  Alex’s real-life experience and practical content backed up by coaching, role plays, usable templates and systems was the most comprehensive training I’ve ever received.  It has been one of the defining factors in my management career and since completing the course in mid-2016 I’ve experienced year on year earnings growth and had two promotions going from managing a team of 4 to a team of 40.  Thanks, Alex.”.

Dan Waltham

Associate Director, Fourthline Recruitment


We do not mind whether you are excited to find out more,  curious to ask more questions about what the course involves.

Just contact us and we would love to learn more about how you want to improve the performance of your billing managers.

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