Candidate Sourcing & Engagement

An 8 week course that helps Recruiters learn and implement the core skills needed to successfully find and engage candidates.  Building relationships of influence with candidates sits at the heart of our course. Importantly for our clients we focus on getting Recruiters off email and on the phone    

1 Day - Classroom

8 Hours - Webinars

40+ Videos and Exercises

60 Days - Coach Q&A

Having trained thousands of Recruiters, we know that finding and engaging candidates is the skill that enables Recruiters to contribute to team performance the quickest.   

In todays market Recruiters need to be able to do more than find candidates.   A Recruiter must be able to engage candidates and build relationships that ensures candidates complete the recruitment process. 

This course is unique in the way is brings together world-class sourcing training to find the best candidates in the market,  engage their interest and build solid relationships that survive the ups and downs of a recruitment process.


Why Recruiters Fail At Resourcing

Course Outline

Day 1: Practical Sourcing & Engagement Strategies

 short Classroom training sits at the heart of our Hybrid approach to training.  On this day we teach Recruiters the fundamentals of a sourcing strategy, searching techniques and ways to engage candidates over email and the phone.  This day is highly practical so attendees need to bring a laptop and an open vacancy to source for. This day also builds a community spirit amongst learners that drives engagement during the webinars and online learning. 

Topics Covered: 

  • How to build a short and long term sourcing strategy
  • Linkedin profile best practice & profile improvement
  • Practical Boolean searching and practice
  • Searching on LinkedIn
  • How to write engaging messages
  • Phone screening and objection handling
  • How to win a candidates commitment and loyalty

Week 1: Mastering Your Online Presence

This week we focus on consultants having a solid on-line presence to ensure that when candidates ‘check out’ a Recruiters profile they look like the market specialist they claim to be.  We cover topics such as:

  • Pimping your Linked-in profile
  • Sharing relevant content to your market niche
  • Engaging in converstions with industry leaders
  • Growing a quality LinkedIn network. 

Weekly Sourcing Challenge

Week 2: Sourcing In your CRM

 This week the goal is to help recruiters find wins in their own CRM.   For many agencies the CRM is a graveyard of candidates that were good enough to get on the system, but lost due to short term thinking.   We cover topics such as:  

  • Key CRM searches to learn
  • How to re-activate candidates on your CRM through email
  • Re-activating CRM candidates over the phone

Weekly Sourcing Challenge 

Week 3: Sourcing with Job Boards

This week we help Recruiters get more from the job boards they have access to.  From searching, watch dogs, to engaging candidates and lead generation.   Managers see and ROI from their investment. We cover topics such as: 

  • Gathering market intelligence to aid wider sourcing activities
  • Saved searches and watch dogs
  • Search tips for each job board
  • Managing risk in first screening call with job board candidates

Weekly Sourcing Challenge 

Week 4: How to Get a Candidate On The Phone

This week we focus on consultants on converting email conversations to phone conversations.  Email has its strengths, but the phone is a better tool to engage candidates and manage placement risk. We cover topics such as:

  • Writing messages that stimilte a response from candidates
  • Chasing a candidate down through different online sources
  • How to find a candidates contact details
  • Using online tools to book calls with candidates
  • What to do when the candidate does not pick up the phone

Weekly Sourcing Challenge 

Week 5: Job Adverts

This week we get consultants to focus on writing adverts that stimulate applications from the best candidates in the market.  We cover topics such as:  

  • How to use job adverts to source for vacancies you have today and will have tomorrow
  • Using marketing strategies to writing effective adverts
  • Staying Legal…….Undertanding protected characteristics 
  • Aapproach job advert responses over the phone and managing risk 

Weekly Sourcing Challenge

Week 6: Screening and Qualifying Candidates

This week we focus on engaging candidate through the screening qualification process.  Done well, this opens the door to presenting vacancies candidates are interested in applying for.  We cover topics such as:  

  • How to structure a screening call 
  • Peparation and note-taking (boring but important)
  • Why listening before selling is critical
  • How to promote and opportunity so a candidate is interested
  • Gaining commitment to proceed – the sell back

Weekly Sourcing Challenge 

Week 7: Relationships and Mitigating Risk

This week we focus on consultants deepening thier relationships with candidates and actively looking to mitigate placement risk by asking the questions they do not want t hear the answers too. We cover topics such as:

  • When and why to meet people face to face / skype
  • Understanding a candidates push and pull motivators
  • Little TED questioning
  • Understanding and managing compenstion expectations
  • Risk management conversations
  • Why you need to keep in touch with candidates

Weekly Sourcing Challenge

Week 8: Advanced Search and Sourcing Strategies

This week is about setting recruiters up for the next stage of their sourcing development.  We give them a roadmap of sourcing strategies to learn in the weeks and months ahead.  We cover topics such as:  

  • Alternative methods of searching Linkedin
  • Leveraging niche communities 
  • Sourcing in niche networks such as Github and Stack Overflow 
  • Talent pooling and passive network building
  • Sourcing from events and conferences

Weekly Sourcing Challenge 

Katharine Robinson

Sourcing Grandmaster

I still actively source which ensures the strategies and techniques I teach are proven to work.   Every year I train hundreds of Recruiters to find and engage candidates. My goal is to help you find candidate and make placements quickly. 

Alex Moyle

Leadership Coach

I have trained thousands of consultants and hundreds of managers.   My goal is to help you build strong relationships with candidates so they survive the ups and downs of the placement process. 


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