Competencies of a recruitment consultant

12/12 – Perseverance


My partner uses a phrase that always reminds me of Muhammed Ali… “Train hard, fight easy” and I think this is one way that people can make sure that they are able to persevere when the going gets tough. Recruitment requires a lot of background work and certainly a lot of things that clients are aware of (or more likely that we forget to make them aware of). Putting the effort in initially means that it should be a much easier process further down the line.

An example of this is when I talk to permanent consultants and share with them my experiences and those of the team that I worked with and trained. When we received a job from a client, we would more often than not have 3 interviews lined up within 2 hours (not exec search roles of course). If you’ve interviewed your candidates fully and gained commitment from them, as well as having gained the full job description and person specification, then you are able to do this.

So how does this relate to perseverance?


The key is that ‘change is always a constant’ as they say. Therefore, if you are prepared for that change, it’s much easier to persevere and work through it, knowing that you have the ability and resources within yourself to come out of the other side.

Purpose: – The purpose for a recruitment consultant is to have the ability to maintain focus on their results, in spite of pressure created by change and to be able to concentrate on delivering quality output day after day.


Explain a recent occasion when you were under pressure and handled it successfully:

a)    What caused it to be a pressurised situation?

b)    How did you approach it?

c)    What did you do specifically to ensure success?

d)    What have you learnt about handling pressurised situations?

Tell me about a recent situation where persistency and concentration paid off:

a)    What was the background to the situation?

b)    How did you stay focused?

c)    What were the crucial steps along the way?

Describe to me a recent unpredictable situation:

a)    What made the situation unpredictable?

b)    What were your first thoughts?

c)    What did you do to ensure success?

d)    What have you learnt from this situation about yourself?


High level of competence shown

  • Maintains an awareness of business change and seeks opportunities to prepare for those changes
  • Is prepared to initiate the change in order to achieve better results
  • Is adaptable and quickly integrates any change into the business


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About the Author

Angela Cripps is a globally experienced trainer, Managing Director of the Recruiting Gym, management consultant, executive coach, board advisor, mentor and performance specialist who has been working within the recruitment industry for over 30 years.  

Her aim is to make companies more successful and profitable through the development of their people and processes – with a current focus on APac companies. She has worked with over 150 SMEs throughout the world in 16 different countries and her LinkedIn recommendations are a testament to the impact she can have on a business.