January Training Schedule 

We’ve had an eventful first week back after the Christmas break with an excitement company announcemnt! Angela has bought the Recruiting Gym and is the new owner.

Along with many other providers, the Gym was impacted by Covid-19; however, it has thrived because of its quality online training delivery model and its ability to support other trainers and specialist coaches to create and deliver online solutions. Originally founded by Alex Moyle, its growth through 2020 was driven by Angela Cripps who was brought on by Alex to lead the development of the Recruiting Gym’s course offering. With extensive experience in recruitment and as a coach, the Recruiting Gym could not be in safer hands and we are excited for the year ahead. Angela has big plans for the Gym so watch this space!


The recruitment industry is challenging at the best of times and now into our third national lockdown, we’re having to continually adapt and evolve to thrive in the current climate. Focusing on your training and self-development is crucial during these uncertain times and we have a number of courses to support you throughout the year. 

You can check out what course we have going live this January in our calendar below. Let’s hit the ground running in the new year and make 2021 the best yet!

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The next 18 months will be a very challenging period for our industry; however, it will thrive, just as it has always done after economic turmoil. I am passionate about bringing together training expertise from across the industry and the globe from the wealth of wonderful people I’ve met on my travels. We’re here to help Recruiters and Leaders of all levels get access to the skills and insights they need to thrive in 2021 and beyond. As an eternal optimist, I know the Gym is able to do this in any year.

Angela Cripps

Managing Director , Recruiting Gym

January Training Schedule:


You can check out our entire collection of courses on the recruitment process & sales along with topics ranging from the principles of pricing, writing the best job adverts, building trust in your leadership, mental health and performance mangement on our website.

We also run webinars on a daily, fortnightly and monthly basis, some of which are open to the whole of the recruitment industry in an attempt to offer our support when times our tough. Aside from our Daily Workout course, we run our Ask The Coach and Meet The Expert sessions that are open to all and are an opportunity for you to come and learn from the best whilst getting your challenges troubleshooted live. 

If you would like to discuss any of our course further or how we might be able to tailor our training to fit your individual requirements, then get in contact today by emailing angela@recruitinggym.com.