We are excited to announced Russell Munday will be joining the Recruiting Gym team!

Russell has 24 years Recruitment experience and a demonstrated passion for the industry. Over the past 6 years, Russell has been working as a freelance consultant helping various recruitment companies grow their business through training, mentoring and working with MD’s on strategizing business plans.

Russell’s success has been building business and desks from scratch with no candidate or client base and his major focus has been on starting and growing contract/ contingency divisions.

Welcome on board, Russell!

“I’m excited to join the Recruiting Gym as I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with members, taking advantage of my own experience and passion to help companies and management teams grow and succeed through training programmes, hands-on mentoring and strategic development and coaching.”

Russell Munday

Coach, Recruiting Gym

What will Russell be doing at the Gym?

How to win contract business quickly

Everybody wants to win contract business quickly but this is not easy. I will teach you techniques and process that we allow you to do this without breaking rapport with both candidates and clients.

How to get best ROI on the contract jobs you work

Deciding on what contract jobs to work now and what not to work is absolutely critical so you don’t waste your time. I will teach you techniques through my contract job spec form that will allow you to establish the right problem solving questions to see if your client has a real need for a contract now or not.

Developing lists of top contract hiring managers

The key to being a top contract consultant is to identify a top list of best managers that you want to work with. I  help consultants with techniques and process to make sure that they have the right and best people to engage with first to build relationships.

We asked Russell, if he could run three Learning Lives next month, what would they be?

Contact Russell

If you’d like to find out more and/or would like to chat to Russell about tailoring his specialist training to your needs, email him at russell@factory8.co.uk or call him on 07796 952932.